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  1. C

    Vance and Hines tune

    I'm about ready to install Vance and Hines slip ons. I think I know the answer, but is a reflash needed if the air box is stock? If so, I will have to spend money on the reflash, I will probably then install k&n filter. Which flash Nash is the correct one for Vance and Hines?
  2. S

    vance and hines exhaust

    Does anyone know how the vance and hines exhaust sounds and also how it works on the vmax. I have a chance to buy a full exhaust its 2 into1 on each side.
  3. yankee in texas

    Why no Vance & Hines pipe for Vmax?

    Does anyone know why Vance & Hines never made a pipe for the vmax ? Yankee
  4. rebar

    vance and hines exhaust

    You guys seen these? The look of the stock exhaust is my only complaint with the 2nd gen. Waitin for the prices to go down before gettin mine.
  5. rebar

    motor was built by vance & hines for $6000?

    Found a 85 max for sale with this claim. Fresh rebuild.. Thought vance & hines did HD exhausts.:ummm:
  6. Vitek

    marks headers plus vance and hines cans?

    I like Vance&Hines slip ons that are made for new vmax17. I would just need good headers, and I was thinking about marks, would that work? Vitek
  7. eatatjoz

    Vance & Hines

    Anyone know what the part number for a Vmax V&H baffle is? Or if it is even being produced anymore? My bike has the old V&H 4-2 megaphone system on it, and I got the bike with no baffles (too damn loud for me). So I modified some off the shelf parts and made a set. I HATE them, I'd like to...