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  1. CaptainKyle

    chrome water jacket covers

    Chrome water jacket covers for 85-07 Max not perfect but look really nice. $ 50.00 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  2. V

    Water in oil

    I have a 1989 Vmax 1200 I got cheaply in trade and I currently have 3 1 slow starter cranking 2 Valve noises and the worst is 3 massive amounts of water in the oils I’m going to pull the starter and check brushes and possibly upgrade to a 4 brush starter so my questions are 1 what year and...
  3. E

    Treatment of water pump gasket?

    Hi everybody. I'm replacing the gasket (part # 3JP-12449-02-00) for the water pump on my '89 Max, and I'm wondering if I should pre-soak it in coolant, install it dry, or do something else to it before installing. Any suggestions? Thanks very much. Elimax
  4. W

    Water jacket plugs

    Just an fyi, when you are flushing or replacing your coolant and want to remove the four rubber plugs on the cylinder sleeves, if you dont have a spare spark plug laying around you can always use a garden variety 4mm x 0.70p bolt or screw. Peace
  5. J

    Water in clutch 1995 1200 V-max

    I bought a bike that had been in the weather, it had water in the oil, changed the oil 3 times seems to have almost solved issue, except I have a clear clutch cover and can see small amounts of clear water, I pulled the clutch pack soaked it reinstalled, but still see water, is this condensation?
  6. B

    Replacement Water Pump Cover

    Right about now I'm feeling like a genius and wanted to share my discovery. I've started to restore the '85 that I purchased new in my youth. Been wanting to replace the gouged up cover for years and finally starting searching the 'bay for one. What they're asking for one in mediocre shape seems...
  7. D

    Water pump question

    First off let me apologize, I know there has got to be a thread on here that will answer my question but for some reason my phone will not allow me to select the search option on here. Anyways, I have a 2006 Vmax and I've noticed a small coolant leak coming from the weap hole on the water pump...
  8. jdeitz1979

    Water pump cover

    Does anyone have a spare cover they care to sell? For some reason the center of the cover rattles like crazy and it's kinda pissing me off a little lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. G

    Water Pump Cover leak ?

    Noticed a small leak under bike, it's coming from the Water Pump Housing but it's tightened up well....what can I expect to find behind the cover ??? Expensive ?
  10. Barry barker

    Engine bling water pump/crankcase covers

    SOLD Engine bling water pump/crankcase covers Sold New Yamaha polished aluminum inserts for the water pump and crank case. Someone a lot smarter than I will have to give instructions on the installation. Part #ABA-1FK09-10-AL $40.00 delivered in the lower 48. 501-520-8211...
  11. Lotsokids

    Simple Water Pump Part Question

    I need to know if the cooling system "joint" pictured below is threaded into the other parts. Mine is leaking (but bandaged) and I will be ordering the joint and the o-rings. When I pull it apart, I need to know if there are any other gaskets I need to worry about, or can I just simply replace...
  12. CALI-gula

    Gobs of Oil in the Coolant Reservoir... water pump gasket or diaphragm?

    We've had a week or so of 100 degree weather. I ride EVERY DAY in Los Angeles to and from work (for the past 22 years) but I especially noticed the bike running hotter than usual a few late afternoons last week, and some overflow from the down-tube of the coolant reservoir dripping beneath the...
  13. Born2Ride

    bike in water, no good...

    better go back to the weels!! http://motorbikewriter.com/amphibious-ktm-explodes/
  14. Fire-medic

    drone vs. water stream from structure fire firefighters

    http://www.cnet.com/news/watch-firefighters-blast-drone-out-of-sky-with-hose/ An interesting article, a good video, and possibly unforeseen consequences for who filmed it. Read, and watch. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzTqjmp1yN0&feature=player_embedded
  15. liptoss

    Water pump

    Hiya all; Wondering... I replaced the water pump seal and gaskets on my 06 last year. I used ALL new OEM gaskets seals etc. When I first cracked the case with the 9 or so bolts for the first time, I noticed that from the factory, Yamaha had applied a thin bead of black silicone from the...
  16. jdeitz1979

    Water pump noise

    I have some noise coming from my water pump by the sounds of it. I put and auto scope on it and many other areas of the engine and seems very prominent in the pump area. I wanted to know before I pull it off the bike and start digging if any of the fellow forum vmax owners have encountered or...
  17. B

    Water pump gasket repair

    Hello all. New to this forum but not to the endless joys of riding motorcycles. Need some help from forum members. I am looking at buying a 2005 vmax but has a oil leak. It is the right side gasket for the water pump along with the 3 o rings. He said the shop can do the fix for $300 bucks. The...
  18. oz1961

    tappet adjustment, new coils, cranckecase preasure release, silicon water pipes

    In the next month I want to do the following three tings to my 85vmax 1; Replace all the water hoses with silicone hoses. I see some cheap Chinese ones and was wondering if they were any good or if someone has used them and they are ok or rubbish? 2;my bike has a little tappet noise on the...
  19. liptoss

    Water Pump Bearing and Seals

    I just completed a rebuild of my '06 water pump. I followed the shop manual and the great photo step by step posted on this forum. I have a couple of questions for others that have completed this task. In the '01-'06 Service Manual, Water Pump Assembly section, it states gently tap the bearing...
  20. rebeltaz83

    rebuilt water pump

    Just Did a water pump Rebuild On My 97.............Followed The Book, Made Sure The mechanical seal On The Impeller Side Was Even With a Straight Edge, Put It On, Put Some Coolant In It, fired It Up, Topped Off The Coolant, Made The Fan Come On, And Made Sure All Air Was Out Of The System, Went...