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  1. M

    winter storage

    hey guys, What's the preferred way to store the MAX for winter. Since this will be the first winter for me, i was thinking of simply changing the oil, filling the tank and adding some stabilizer, connecting the battery to a trickle charger and throw a cover over it and let her nap til spring...
  2. vmaxinID

    Damn you Old Man Winter!!!

    This winter thing is seriously starting to eat my ass!!!
  3. Rusty McNeil

    I hate winter riding

    So I was driving to work this morning when some dick in a pickup pulls out in front of me.......
  4. firefly

    Winter gloves or glove liners?

    In cold weather ( California winters ~ 40* at the most ) what kind of gloves do you guys recommend? I have a Dainese glove , it is warm but offers no protection in case of a spill, can't find a decent winter glove at a fair price, dainese has one with protection for ~$200 which is ridiculous to...
  5. L

    Winter Projects

    I am making up a list of winter V-Max related projects. Foremost I want to Powder Coat the Frame. I found a place here that will do it for about $35.00 but I have to do all of the prep work. Sandblasting the will be the quickest to strip the old paint. Is there anything that I need to look...