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  1. Osiris

    Winter Project nearing completion.

    I've been working on my 96 all winter. I've done most of the maintenance stuff such as changing all fluids , filters, and leaky seals and battery . I updated the shift segment. Replaced brake rotors and pads. Replaced clutch basket, plates and clutch line to SS, I rebuilt master and slave...
  2. gismo

    winter project

    I have a 2009 vmax with around 22000 miles om it.The bike itself is in real nice condition problem is i installed a supercharger at the end of September last year and decided to do the Land speed trials in July this year to see what it would do. Well low and behold the injectors and possibly the...
  3. Bill Seward

    Looking like Winter is coming!

    We have all sorts of Lake Effect Snow warnings up here near Buffalo. I've been to the grocery store and am stocked up for whatever weather hits. Snowblower ready to go, car has snow tires on and full tank. I'm retired, let it snow!

    winter is here....

    Well winter is here I had my Vmax winterized and put away a week ago. I hope all you guys who have a long riding season have a fun safe time. I look forward to checking the forum from time to time but with 3 ft of snow the only thing I will be riding is my Be safe Ron
  5. vanbry

    Won't start after sitting for the winter

    Hmm, where do I start. This is my first spring with a Vmax. It doesn't even appear to want to start. I got it to hit a time or two and one backfire, but nothing after that. I didn't put any stabilizer in, just filled the tank with premium before putting it up for the winter. I tried...
  6. Lotsokids

    Winter Riding

    Rode my V-Max to work this morning (again). Clear weather, good roads. Just very cold at 19 degrees F. The guys at work think I'm crazy... maybe I am. I just really enjoy riding the V-Max. I always reply, "No rain, no snow, no ice... I'm riding." Just some quick tips: 1. Be careful...
  7. caseyjones955

    Winter checklist: Paint prep and color.

    I got Maxine inside and about ready to begin my winter checklist of upgrades. I have the progressive fork springs, seals and oil thanks to Sean for the great videos and parts btw. I hope to have it painted when my new Maxgasser arrives. This is all she needs. Here is the only thing, I'm a...
  8. Specs95t

    Winter Projects?

    Ok, so I'm there with all of you who are sadly putting your VMaxes to bed for the winter. We all see the cold coming, and have heavy hearts about the many months that we must now wait until we can ride again. And yes, those of us stuck in the Northern parts of the country are completely...
  9. scuff

    Winter Project

    At the end of last riding season I broke my 2nd gear so here is what I have been working on the last couple month's.
  10. A

    Winter fun in Finland

    Well winter suck in here, but some times we also can ride here:eusa_dance: Finns vs. Swedes ice race was cancelled cause too much water top of ice... Sea ice sucks big time. Wasnt first time, so had to go tire test track :rofl_200: Track is short about 300 meters long...
  11. C

    Missing summer... hello winter its time to go home!
  12. Fire-medic

    stay warm in the winter

    Something to keep you warm on a cold night: The contest is in the Miami FL area and tonight Jan. 24 is the pageant, at my alma mater, the state university branch in Miami. "The Donald" owns the show but...
  13. ga_max

    Winter Riding Questions

    Here in Georgia our winters are pretty mild compared to where many of the other members of this forum ride and since I'm planning to not winterize my max I'm wondering what precautions I should take to ensure that mr. max remains happy. I keep it in the garage, have changed all the fluids, add...
  14. D-Max2012

    Plug Colors -Going into Winter Storage

    Hey guys, Do these look a lean to you? I wanted to get a gauge on what to look at come next season.
  15. Bill Seward

    Winter plans..

    So, for a lot of us, the season's over.. Bikes stored, how's the time to think about winter projects. I'd like to get steering head bearings changed, and maybe a set of Delkevic slipons installed, money permitting... I have no plans to do anything to the Roadstar over winter. Adding the...
  16. Conman

    Weird Carb Noise

    Hi, I noticed when I start my bike there is a spritzing noise coming from what appears to be the right-rear carb, just below the round metal disk. It became less evident as the bike warmed up but it still happened periodically, especially as I bumped the throttle. It sounds like someone is in...
  17. Fire-medic

    While you are complaining about winter, think of FL

    What were you doing this past weekend? This was one of the local events. Daytona Bike Week is soon to-be...
  18. Fire-medic

    winter relief

    For you guys who are mired in winter, this should get you looking forward to warmer temps!
  19. SlowBox

    Took advantage of some rare warm winter riding today

    And I ran into this guy! My dad and I met up with Traumahawk earlier today and spent the afternoon riding around one of the local state parks and wildlife refuges. We had a pretty good time and I definitely enjoyed riding with another Max. Eric has a pretty mean bike!
  20. VMax-Mike

    winter fun

    cheers everybody. I got through my mri and im ready for my shots. :rofl_200: and i have a date set for the doc to give me injection. This year i will be riding at tracks. road course dragstrip and maybe the mile. If anyone wants to do this let me know. I m not trying to be the fastest i just...