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  1. dannymax

    Bet the CIA wishes this never happened!

    Oops! :doh: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cia-left-explosive-material-on-loudoun-school-bus-after-training-exercise/ar-BBrcmpJ?li=BBnb7Kz
  2. Maxorel

    John Furbur well wishes.

    Hey guys and gals. I just got off the phone with John, who is being released from the hospital here in Pa. He hasn't had the best week and I think if he gets on here this weekend, sees his name- and sees the support, it will make getting back to wrenching a lot easier. John's shop...
  3. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Best wishes to Bill

    I drove down to Gilbert, WV with 6 others last week for a 5 day off road riding adventure on the "Rockhouse" section of the Hatfield McCoy trail system. First day, first ride, Bill had an accident. We were riding down one of the more difficult trails in the system. It had a warning sign at...
  4. Calimus

    Happy Birthday Thread... (post all wishes here!)

    Just for you. Mikemax04 Post all happy birthday wishes in this thread!