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  1. 3

    Motorcycle wreck! VMAX down :(

    Hi, I recently posted on here that I believe I have the 3rd Vmax ever made, or at least in the US. I was in a solo wreck the other day and I'm requesting some support and help if at all possible. I have a GoFundMe page, and I will be posting the link. Please, anything helps...
  2. blaxmax

    Karma and the motorcycle wreck.

  3. Fire-medic

    Whazzit doin' like that? Anybody hurt in that wreck?

    Never seen this idea! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7rKPsFpJGqo I have to say, this is more eye-catching than Kate Upton with a wardrobe malfunction!
  4. CustomMax

    My son Max had first bike wreck

    Well I guess it coulda been worse but I was about 80 miles up north on my bike when Autum called and said Max had a spill on his little " motorcycle" and she was on the way to the ER but he just cut open his chin. So his first wipeout made him take a few stitches but other than that he was ok...
  5. vmax190

    worst wreck pics or videos

    i like to see these to keep me sane while riding, i tend to go nuts. toadface
  6. 82ndCowboy

    Did anyone wreck a Max Today?

    I was driving home from work in Sanford Florida today around 5:45. At the intersection of Lake Mary Blvd., Hwy 44, and Hwy 415. I caught a glimpse of a VMAx loaded on the back of a flatbed wrecker. It looked like an 06 or 07. The Handle bars looked all bent up and the right scoop looked all...
  7. MaxPower

    motorcycle wreck

    Ride safe fella's Just a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and slow down! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motorcyclist Killed After High-Speed Crash...
  8. Zewerr

    Got in a wreck today.

    Funny, I thought my first accident on my bike would be my fault and involve me going to the hospital in a ambulance or body bag. Niether in this case. Me doing 35 down the road, old lady pulls in front of me. Me slam on brakes. I wacked her fender and right front tire. The impact itself was...