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  1. patate657

    Parts Wanted 1985 Honda v65 Magna Side Panels Wanted

    Hi I'm looking for the Left/Right side Panels for my 1985 Honda V65 Magna. Willing to buy, depending on price. Also willing to trade. I have a very nice Gen 1 vMax Faux tank, back fender and front fender. A matched set in Candy Apple Red. Also have the side covers for a Gen 1. Thank You Phil...
  2. patate657

    Parts Wanted WTB Gen 1 Air Box

    I need an air box with pliable Joints for my Gen 1.
  3. patate657

    Parts Wanted WTB Right side Handle Bar Starter control

    I need a Right side Handle Bar Starter control For my 85' Gen 1. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thank You Phil
  4. Mighty

    WTB Gen 2 boulevard flyscreen

    Looking for a like new boulevard flyscreen.
  5. L

    wtb slip on for 95 Vmax

  6. texas-ss-tornado

    WTB 1st gen faux tank cover in black

    Looking for a 1st gen faux tank cover in GLOSS BLACK! Must be in great condition, no dents, dings or major scratches! :punk:
  7. W

    WTB - 2007/2005 VMax

    WTB - 2007/2005 VMax - UPDATE VMAX PURCHASED! Looking for a low-miles, basically perfect 2007 VMax. I live in Virginia, just south of DC and will travel 600+ miles for the right bike. Will also consider shipping the bike if distance is well beyond 600 miles. I would also consider a 2005 as...
  8. Conman

    WTB: Foot Shifter & Post-1996 Crossover Brace

    I’m looking for a clean, straight foot shifter to replace my bent one. I’m also looking for a bent frame brace so that I can update oil changes in my ‘95. Lastly, can anyone comment on how well these work? They’re half the cycle one off price...
  9. A

    wtb gen2 lot of parts(forks-wheel-tacho,headlight,exhaust ,radiators ....)

    Hi,after an accident i had with a v-max gen2 '09 i am looking for a lot of parts to get her back to life. 1.Front forks. 2.front wheel. 3.Front fender. 4.Both radiators with guards. 5.Header exhaust. 6.Headlight. 7.Rpm tacho. 8.subframe. Please let me know if you have any of the above.Thanks
  10. P

    WTB air box lid.

    Let me know. Thanks
  11. P

    WTB centerstand & hardware for my 06.

    Let me know. Thanks
  12. steamer97


    I need one throttle plate (stamped 125) to ready up another set of carbs as spares or for sale. Many years ago I bent two throttle plates (butterfly's) from a mighty cough with nitrous oxide enhanced fuel. I have scavenged two replacements from some crusty carbs and used them to repair the set...
  13. 2

    WTB: Rear VMAX Grab Bar

    Looking for VMax grab bar. Let me know what you have and your model it is from. PM me with your location and asking price shipped to my door in U.S.
  14. F

    WTB riders rh peg and rear brake system and other bits

    missing Riders right hand peg and career to frame and rear brake system (caliper hose master and peddle ) all so after full exhaust system oh 1991 V Max but wait for it the hardest part in New Zealand
  15. A

    WTB: WR'S Rearsets for VMAX 1200

    If anyone has a pair of WR'S Rearsets I am interested. If you find some on ebay or know anyone that has a set they are trying to let go that would be a great help. Preferred payment would be through Paypal. Thank you, AJ
  16. X

    WTB: Need Diaphragms/Slides for my 1985

    Hey guys, in desperate need of set of diaphragms. Bought my bike over the winter and diaphragms are rotted out of it from sitting. Bike has been gone all over last thing I need. If you have a set or know where I can get a set let me know. Yamaha is out here and does not know when they will be...
  17. jimvette999

    WTB Stock Muffler for 98 Vmax

    Hi Guys... I'm in need of a stock muffler for a Gen 1. I don't need the header pipes. Condition needs to be no rust on chrome and no road rash please. They can be drilled since I can reverse that. I gutted mine completely years ago and want to quiet it back down. Thanks! Jim
  18. tugla

    WTB relocated pass foot peg for gen 2

    Hi. As title says I'm looking for a set of lower/relocates passanger foot pegs for gen 2 bike. Thanks.
  19. Conman

    WTB 4 Brush Starter

    Looking to upgrade my 88 after being stranded at a few gas stations. Used is fine so long as it works as new. So far as I know the new starter will fit my bike and is the best way to get rid of hot start issues? Already bought a new odyssey battery. Thanks, Connor
  20. M

    WTB 12" or 12.5" shocks

    Looking for a clean pair of 12" or 12.5" chrome or black shocks with regular duty springs. PM me, please :biglaugh: