ECU short circuit - damage?

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Jul 22, 2021
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Related to a technical problem with a 1700 Gen2 VMax posted earlier; anyone knows what happens if the ECU ports which steer relays (for light and radiator fans) get short-circuited or get 12V on them (by accident AND wrongly polarized):
- does that damage the ECU?
- and would that generate an error code
Input appreciated! Thanks 👍
Most times when ECUs are fed wrong voltages, backwards voltages or fluctuating voltages.....the ECU is toast. Some ECUs are more robust than others and can take a jolt. But usually, when voltages are wrong, the ECU gives up.
Difficult to say without knowing what comprises the output driver and whether it was 'on' at the time.

For example open collector driver will be damaged, unless there is current limiting, when 'on' and connected to power supply as this effectively connects power to ground = smoke.

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