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Apr 8, 2021
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Plover, WI
Hi all, I have an 85 that is completely stock and I pulled the carbs apart for cleaning and found all 4 main jets with 152.5 on them. Is this Ok or should I put 150's in cyls 1&3?
"EDIT" 150's in 2&4.
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Original service manual had smaller mains in rear cylinders but Yamaha changed that to 152.5’s all around later. Depending on altitide, might be better putting 150’s or even 147.5’s in.
If it's stock internally, the 150 is a good compromise, as they are jetted a bit rich from the factory. I am at sea level (unless I cross an overpass) and the bike is using 147.5 mains. It runs well.
Anyone have a valve adjusting shim kit that I could use/rent? I have 4 intake valves at .0025 cold that I would like to get back to .004-.006 before I put the valve covers back on with new gskts and reinstall carbs. I had sent a message to Morley a week ago but have not heard back from him.