Keyed power for speedo healer

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Description says not compatible with ABS systems.
Oh, I overlooked it. Are the really dependent on each other? Anybody knows?
I mean, is the Speed taken from the ABS Sensor or is it a sensor in the powerdrive (transmission, shaftdrive)?
And what is the difference to what the Speedohealer is doing?

Bike is open, Tank Cover removed ... so, the patient is prepared for the cut. ;)
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I gave the Dakota a try and it works like a charm, including ABS functions.
As this thing is not doing anything different than a Speedohealer, I considered it as safe.

I tapped into the same wire as the guy in the video (100% sure my connection is solid), and connected it to the keyed power input of my PDM60 so I finally removed the wire to the front running light, but sometimes my PDM60 does not turn on. I'm not sure where it comes from, but a quick power cycle always solves it. will change it next time to take the signal from the tail running light.
The PDM60 delivers then the power to the Dakota Device.
The Device itself is a bit bulky, so I couldn't put it in the rat's nest under my seat. ;)
It is now under the passenger seat, out of sight.
With a Speedohealer it wouldn't work that way, but you can program the device and change all the options via Bluetooth/app, even on the fly. :)

The next thing I might be doing is to remove the housing and wrap it in a shrink tube, so it will be much less bulky.

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