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Apr 17, 2006
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NW Georgia
Have anything going on Saturday? Wife will be at work, and it's supposed to be a clear day. Figured I'd take off on the Max in the morning and see how long I can stay gone.

Was wondering if you might be interested in meeting up somewhere?
Not this Saturday for me. I work the Evening shift. Friday night (into Sat morning) I'll be working a double. I'll get home Sat morn at 0800. Have to be back at 3:30PM on Sat afternoon. Yuck! Mon or Tue are my off days, and so far I don't have a "honey do" list... I dunno about the weather.
Doh, that sucks man. Not to mention I forgot you work weekends.

I might have to see about taking some time off and getting a 4 day weekend or something so we can line some time up. Figure my work hours are 9am-6pm M-F.

Dunno, we'll have to see about working that out at some point.
KRL0215 said:
wow redux, those are some tough hours

The S.U. sends me to work with strict instructions for overtime quotas to meet... Whadda do? :argue000: :rofl_200: