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Nov 12, 2023
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Port Orange fl
Rear brake inner pad started to drag or puck was not letting the pad nock back. Pads a bit over half used. Open bleeders pry pads in and pump out clean pucks exposed area seems to work smoothly now with new pads I notice the inner puck can expose itself way more than the outer! My first thought was the washer between the caliper bracket and swing arm was in wrong place but all is as the parts diagram shows. Is this normal?
When you apply the brake do the pads grip the disc unevenly i.e. can you see the calliper moving to one side?
Are the pads wearing evenly? If a piston was sticking then I'd expect to see more wear on one of the pads.
Is the spacer #6 the right way round?

Rear Brake.jpg

Given that there is no facility for the brake assembly to move axially and assuming everything is where it should be then what you have may be normal.
Thanks for reply, I see its normal for the rotor to be outboard of center in caliper ! don't seem rite to me. It will allow the puck to cant and stick even when pads are worn just to a safe state. new pads which aren't all that much thicker, no problem. Now I find all three of my dust covers just magically popped off probably @ bass pro shop during race day. Any help on best place to get 3?
Can't see that spacer as it is, sure is diff from r wheel view. if #22 washer (which is against swing arm) wasn't there rotor would be outboard more centering rotor in caliper.1709820252448.png


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