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I seem to remember that there was in fact a Dyno Stage 3 kit (as well as St 1 and St 7) made in the 90's, but then dropped from their sales products. That is unless my memory is failing ?
Well, someone may have made one, but I don't recall it being Dynojet. Over 30 years a VMax owner and let us say, more-than one. Maybe there was something from Europe which was referred to as that, which didn't make it stateside, but I'm unfamiliar with anything for a Gen. 1 carburetor system by that name.
There is no such thing as a Stage 3 jet kit for the Vmax. They do actually have Stage 3's for other bikes like the Yamaha Fazer/FZX. The S1 is junk. The S7 eliminates the vboost when done to full instruction and has pod filters. My kit is a hybrid of the S7 leaving the Vboost intact to keep the low and mid range power while still getting the full gains up top that the S7 does.

Other companies had jet kits too. Still none referred to them as a S3 kit.
I was told the newer stage 7 kits don't require the 4 pod filters. I could be wrong, but?
I use a Stage 7 and the K&N OEM replacement oval filter w/the OEM airbox, and I retained VBoost.
Let me say this one more time. THERE WAS NEVER A STAGE 3 KIT made for the Vmax. They offered it for other models including versions like the FZR1000 and FZX700/750's.

There were other jet kits like Factory Pro, a Cobra kit (repacked S1), a Dale Walker Kit (repackaged S1), and even a Dial-A-Jet kit (pretty unique kit). Plus a few different complete carb racks (Mikuni Downdraft Flats and Keihin Flats in a few different configurations including a UFO version that sat sideways).

The S7 kit is what allows you to run the pods with the idea of maximum airflow. Our kit is a hybrid of that kid that keeps the airbox and uses a flat filter. This lets you maintain the airbox intake pulse as well as the internal velocity stacks to condense the airflow and speed doing into the carbs.

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