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  1. J

    1995 V-Max 1200 backfiring

    I hope this is an easy fix, I just went through the clutch and got it on the road now I'm getting multiple backfiring issues does not do it on idle only after riding about 10 minutes ... any thoughts
  2. J

    Water in clutch 1995 1200 V-max

    I bought a bike that had been in the weather, it had water in the oil, changed the oil 3 times seems to have almost solved issue, except I have a clear clutch cover and can see small amounts of clear water, I pulled the clutch pack soaked it reinstalled, but still see water, is this condensation?
  3. J

    1995 Exc. Con. Red 15k Miles NW Florida $3800 obo

    Professionally rebuilt/tuned carbs, cleaned lined tank runs perfectly. New tires, clutch cylinder rebuild, and brakes. Aftermarket seat. Never down, flawless runner Cobra slash cuts with only 15.5K miles. Centerstand included. Excellent condition with exception of PO dropped faux tank cover...
  4. J

    1995 15K miles NW Florida

    1995 15K miles NW Florida Reduced $2850 Link to video below. As stated. Reduced $2850 for quick sale hopefully. Traded a friend for it, since he gave up riding. Text 8505820391or email [email protected] for more details. Never down. Runs about 90%, a bit of low speed grumbling. Gonna...
  5. P

    1995 V-Max For Sale

    1995 Black V-Max for Sale, adult riden, Corbin seat w/backrest, Suppertrap exhaust, new battery,tires,brakes, windshield, only 14,000 miles, flawless condition, First $4,250 takes it. email, [email protected] or call me at 847-648-2473. You will not be disappointed in this bike.
  6. C

    1995 vmax carb help

    Ok so I have ran through allot of the forums and YouTube and anything else I could find. Does anybody know of a detailed video that shows how to sync the carbs with a sync pro, the process to go through to sync them and how to know if you need to mess with the a/f mixture screws, there is next...
  7. K

    2002 to 1995 Caliper Question

    Does anyone know if the front calipers from a 2002 will work on a 1995? I have verified that the part number for the front calipers changed in 1997.
  8. G

    1995 v max for sale

    I know this is my first post and I am selling a bike but i thought this would be the best place to try and sell it. Up for sale is a 1995 v max that is in excellent condition. It has about 41000 miles and was very well maintained. The bike needs nothing to be driven, brakes, tires etc.. are...
  9. T

    1995 Vmax R1 Front end 200 tire 40k miles $5000

    I've decided to sell my bike. I have two small children and just have decided to no longer ride at this time in my life. It has 40k miles on it with no engine problems or transmission problems. I am the third owner, owner 1 was a female who rode with her husband long distances where it received...
  10. motomick76

    For Sale: 1995 Vmax, Oklahoma

    1995 Vmax for sale. 22,300 miles. Ad cane be seen at: http://stillwater.craigslist.org/mcy/4600882795.html Or if anyone on forum interested, PM me. Thanks Mike Danzow. motomick76
  11. F

    1995 Vmax for sell in TN

    Finally made the decision to sell the Vmax. Son's SV650S is gone, and he and I are getting back into riding in the dirt. Anyway, please see link below, and thanks for looking. Rick SOLD http://knoxville.craigslist.org/mcy/4551510727.html
  12. N

    1995 transmission rebuild

    jump out of 2nd gear. got new gears and washers to shim 2nd gear. need specs. and diagram
  13. Fire-medic

    1995 FL bike 23K mi $2500

    This belongs to a guy from whom I have bought parts. He's decided to get off this ride, it's really clean, I'd like to buy it but am just about done (hopefully) getting my ride back onto the road. So, if I had found this before I had started spending $$$ on mine, I would have bought this and...
  14. nwilliams2112

    Rear tire 1995 VMAX

    What is the widest tire I can run on a 1995 VMAX. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks so much.
  15. nwilliams2112

    1995 brake question

    I want to put front and back brake pads on my 1995 VMAX and was wondering how will I determine if I will need to put shims on or not. Any points for front and back brakes will be welcome. Thanks
  16. P

    cruise control 1995 vmax

    does anyone have a suggestion for a good cruise control for a 1995 vmax. thanks Steve
  17. backfire

    1995 dyno results...with a little nitrous! (dyno graph)

    Shortly after we got my machine running right after I first bought it, (http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=1874) we started playing around a little... We opened up the air box lid, started the dyno pull and one of my guys took a 10 lb. N20 bottle and opened the main valve close enough to...
  18. backfire

    1995 Dyno Results

    Hi guys...I'm new here, but thought I'd post my dyno results for those that are interested. I ran my stone-stock, 35,000 mile 1995 machine on the rollers here at work about 1 1/2 Summers ago as soon as I bought it from the second owner. The bike was meticulously taken care of and had every...
  19. KRL0215

    1995 Vmax (Red)

    Bike has just under 24K, which is low miles for this year. Many extras, just check my profile in the garage. 5500$ Email me for more pics or info klupo 0215 @ msn. com