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  1. CaptainKyle

    new to me 85

    Just picked up this beauty yesterday
  2. TB99Max

    85 seat both pieces

    The passenger seat is gin good condition but the driver seat has a few rips in it. $110 shipped
  3. TB99Max

    85 air box

    85 air box, it’s missing the T piece on the top $95 shipped
  4. TB99Max

    85 stamped side covers

    They are in good condition! $100 shipped
  5. TB99Max

    85 carbs

    Carbs of a 85. I have not opened them up at all. They still have the little special hex type screw in the slide covers. The a/f screws all turn freely also. $350 plus shipping
  6. Vrooom

    Wanting to lower my 85 1”

    Suggestions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. TB99Max

    85 Complete part out

    HERE WE GO...... I picked up a 85 that I’m going to part out. I will get more pictures when I take it out of the truck. Let me know what your interested in.
  8. rick67ca

    2 85 non runners for sale

    I was going to part out, but family issues and a loss of work space changed the plans. One has a blown trans. The other seems to have an electrical issue. Numbers are: 0377 and 0524. Both have clear titles and are non op with California plates. $650 for the first one $950 for the second one. PM...
  9. CaptainKyle

    85 front wheel

    85 Front wheel with almost new metzler & rotors the wheel is pretty clean & the rotors have just been painted. $ 150 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  10. CaptainKyle

    85 frame with title

    85 frame with clean open TN title one of the tabs for the center stand has been cut off. I do have it & can weld it back on if wanted. This is for the care frame no wiring etc. $ 200 plus shipping or I can deliver it to Thunder. PLease email not PM [email protected]
  11. CaptainKyle

    85 side covers

    85 side covers look really nice but not perfect. $ 125 plus shipping. Please email not pm [email protected]
  12. S

    85 VMAX in Denver - $2200 -SOLD-

    Great bike, needs someone to enjoy it. Currently located on the west side of Denver, CO. 29,740 Miles New Battery in April Fender eliminator and updated blinkers are the only changes I bought the bike as a toy while working out of town 5 years ago. Now with two kids under 2.5 it's time...
  13. B

    Excellent condition, low miles, black 85 for sale

    I've got an 85 in excellent condition with only 8600 miles for sale. San Jose, CA. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/mcy/d/1200cc-yamaha-max/6585779109.html
  14. Bill Seward

    Rear foot pegs for an '85.

    I seem to remember I had offered these to someone a few years ago, but couldn't find them. Well, I did. They're a bit worn, the chrome end looks good, and they're only the pegs, and the square shaft that runs down the middle with the pivot hole in it. If you got a bad one, this could work...
  15. F

    Stock Header Pipes for 85

    Looking for a pair of stock head pipes for my 85 . Preferably in Canada (shipping) but open to any.
  16. CaptainKyle

    good 85 engine

    Please email not pm [email protected] 1985 Engine 22,000 miles runs & shifts perfect . I have videos of it running. I can paint it & make it look nice for extra cost. I just rode the bike yesterday 2-27-18 $ 800 plus shipping & paypal fees.
  17. Eugene Brad

    85 for sale

    Just posted on CL. Let me know what you guys think of the ad, aside from the price being too high. I know that many of you won't touch a second gear issue for over $7-800 or even less. Not many of these bikes in my area, (or at least on CL) and it's just a starting point. But i would like to...
  18. desert_max

    '85 Bits - Garage Sale (literally)

    Cleaning out the garage, I find I still have some VMax stuff hanging around. I've got it posted on eBay, but I'll discount those prices for folks here. Shoot me an offer if I'm out of line. I'm flexible. The bike was a very clean, low mile Arizona '85. The list: ignition CDI controller...
  19. A

    Possible Low VIN 85 Vmax in VA $150

    https://danville.craigslist.org/mpo/d/1985-yamaha-max-kerker-parts/6341047302.html "Lots of useable parts, all seems to be decent shape. Trades considered, what you see is it. Thanks" Haven't contacted the guy although tempting. Most likely no title. HARD to make out the VIN. Last four...
  20. Jhbox13

    '85 VMX12N Pickup coil assembly

    Title says it all. Why do I need them you ask? Check out the posting here (page 2 specifically): http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=45217 Part#: 26H-81670-10-00 The following are compatible models: 1983 XVZ12TDK GENERATOR 1983 XVZ12TK GENERATOR 1984 XVZ12DKC2 GENERATOR 1984...