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  1. Warp12

    - Metzeler Rear ME 880 150/80VB-15? -

    Has anyone used one of these tires at the dragstrip? I wonder how they stack up, grip-wise to the oem tires?? I have a gut feeling that they grip like hard plastic, based on the long tread life. If someone has used one at the track, tell me what kind of 60' times you have turned on them. I...
  2. E

    Metzeler 880's tech question

    Hi all... Owned an '06 Max for a several months now & want to upgrade tires. Front tire is stock, and has mild wobble at very low(10-30mph) or very high speeds. (120+) No wobble at operating speeds. With your hand you can feel "crowning" on the center 3" patch of the tire. Tire likes to...
  3. S

    12.5 in shocks with Metz 880 170

    Hello people, I haven't been active for a while, but I sure have been reading various threads. I want to put a Metzler 880 170-80-15 on the rear, and run 12.5 Progressive 430 shocks. Do I have enough clearance in there for this combination. thanks Smackdown
  4. Builder

    Metzeler ME 880 120/90-18 on stock

    Has anyone installed Metzeler ME880 120/90-18 HB and 170/80HB-15 on stock rims? does it fit? front: orig size: 110/90 >> 110mm x 90% = 99mm shoulder height over size: 120/90 >> 120mm x 90% = 108mm shoulder height 9mm taller which seems OK since there is room between the the stock tires and...
  5. Shuriken

    Any chance I can get a Metzler 880 rear by Friday?

    Just curious... would like to do a few hundred miles this weekend. My rear is right on the wear indicators..... Anybody have any ideas how I could get an ME880 rear by Friday (preferably sooner so I could get it on the bike) ?
  6. mabchewy

    ME 880 test ride

    I put a 170/80 R15 on Thursday w/o having any clearance issues. Love the look and slightly lower cruising RPMs. Took the bike to Deals Gap on Saturday and rode the loop around through the Cherohala Skyway. Weather was great, traffic was light, and didn't even see that many cops. A great ride on...
  7. QuarterHorse

    Metzler ME 880 Install

    Well I got the wheel off, tomorrow I go and get it mounted/balanced.
  8. vmaxinID

    Best price on Metzeler 880's?

    Whose got the best price on Metzeler's. P.S. It's not University Motors.
  9. 4

    Help: Switch to an 18" rear wheel and radials or simply install a ME 880 "170".

    I do primarily highway cross-country riding. In mid-July, a trip from MN to Portland, OR is approaching and I need new tires. Thoughts, comments, opinions would be appreciated, especially from anyone that has experienced BOTH set-ups. The Venture final drive swap has been done to lower highway...
  10. outlaws justice

    Me 880

    I have had the ME880 on the back of my max for almost a year and while the wear has been good, in fact tread still is great. But, I HATE the tire. for touring and such probably a good tire, in the corners and under power it spins and slides. My Dunlops were always very good and the Avons we...