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  1. D

    Bit of advice please

    Hello chaps, I'm just getting my bike out from approx 2 years storage and wondered if there's anything i should look out for or a certain procedure for the first start ?
  2. M

    Fender eliminator option advice

    So, I purchased an 09 and it came with a fender eliminator on it with only the brake and driving lights. No license nor turn signal lights. Was thinking about this one on Ebay...
  3. T

    Looking for a sport bike, advice?

    All, I'm looking for a sport touring bike. It would be driven to work (65 miles round trip) and on some weekends on a 500 mile round trip. I'm looking for something with hard bags and plenty of power. I also wan't an upright riding position. I have been eyeballing the used Kawasaki Concours 14...
  4. spottedsquirl

    Need tuning and jetting advice

    Hi everyone! My 85 max has the stage 7 kit installed. I bought the max that way. I also have an 83 venture I'm using as much as I can for parts. As far as I can tell the venture is stock, I'll have to do more digging to be 100%. However I do know the needles are stock. My max is running way...
  5. T

    Clutch gone, Need advice

    Clutch is shot on my 85 max. I need to order another clutch and I understand I should do the extra spring also. Can someone save me some time and share with me which kit works well in the max and what I need (stock spring only?) to do the DD mod and what pressure plate it works with. I want to...
  6. P

    Interest in Gen 1 - need advice on what to look for or ask

    Hi - First time on this forum, and if things work in my favor, will be the first of many! After having first set sights on the Max more than 20 years ago, I was in love with the Max (is that gay?) - and now I'm finally in a position to buy one. I live in S Florida (Ft Lauderdale) and...
  7. V

    Advice on my Vmax's performance please

    My Vmax is a stock 2000 model. The bike runs really smooth like a new bike all the way till about 7000 rpm where the engine seems to be reaching its max performance potential at 7500 rpm and develops some engine vibration. It feels like I'm pushing it to hard if i try to push it to the redline...
  8. K

    ADVICE to BRING TO LIFE: 1985 vmax 1200 sitting in garage for 3 years

    Hello - I am newbie not only to this forum, but to the VMax. I did some searching within the forum before I posted, but was not able to find exactly want I need to know. I just picked up a 1985 VMAX 1200 which has been sitting in a garage for 3 years without being started or covered...
  9. Kronx

    What advice have you received that you never forget?

    The human brain/mind fascinates me. Particularly what it chooses to flush from memory like a married man clearing out his browser history... and what it chooses to keep, no matter how insignificant. "Always walk like you have some where to be, even if you don't." That advice was given to...
  10. TB99Max

    Jet block advice

    I've been having these issues for a few months now and not been able to ride except around the block after a couple shotgun attempts. I've replaced the fuel filter and plugs, checked the fuel pump, checked the tank, seafoam a few times and shotgun 3 times to no avail! It pops, sputters, and...
  11. J

    Need Advice: first start after long neglect

    I purchased a well-abused 89 over the winter that had been sitting for four years. Replaced the battery, then the starter, then the clutch slave cylinder. Rebuilt the carbs as per NaughtyG's instructions (except that I replaced all components that came in the rebuilt kit, except the float needle...
  12. Specs95t

    Just got run over by an SUV need advice

    Hi guys, The good news is that I am ok, but my VMax has seen better days. Short story is that I was 1 house from home. I was stopped at a T intersection and saw a Mercedes SUV cut the corner from my right, headed right for me - in my lane. The kid was on a cell phone and ended up riding up...
  13. G

    Hi all. Looking to buy. Need some advice

    Jeff in Sk, Canada here. 36 yr old male. 10+ years experience riding, but Im NOT a wrencher. My old man has been my mechanic for years, so forgive the lack of savvy! Anyhow, currently riding a 76 CB750 after selling off a Z1000 years ago. Lost my love for biking , but now I am finding I...
  14. S

    TRADE Delima - Advice wanted

    TRADE Dilemma - Advice wanted Mods, if this is in the wrong place please move as appropriate. I have a question about a possible max trade and would love the opinions of some of you Vmax aficionados :) I currently have an '05 20th Anniversary Vmax (1310/2000 badge) that is in pristine...

    woulld like to get some advice on a com system for my helmet

    I bought a Sena SMH-A0304 Helmet Clamp Kit for Earbuds with Boom and Wired Microphones for SMH10 Bluetooth Headset. when I was looking at this the one I thought I was buying has speakers that would fit into the speaker cut outs in my helmet. When I got it today I realized that I just bought the...
  16. C

    I think I need a new clutch, any advice?

    I think I need a new clutch. Either it is slipping or the back tire is losing traction. Any advice? The bike I just purchased has the UFO exhaust and stage 7 carb kit. I suspect the previous owner(s) might have enjoyed the increased power so much the stock clutch could not handle it. Does...
  17. P

    Need advice.

    Hello all, i have had an 85 for about a year, and when i bought it i was not aware that the second gear was starting to slip. I asked the seller, and was told that it did not. Bike is in relativly good condition. I spent 2k on it, and was wondering what everyone thought (i may be in the wrong...
  18. Boogieman

    Gasket woes... needing some advice.

    :bang head: So I'm redoing the starter clutch, and got to the part where I need to remove the old gaskets. The old gaskets have apparently been stuck on with satan's own nut sweat or something. I've messed with gaskets before but nothing stuck like this. They are so bonded with the...
  19. E

    I need advice quickly

    Hello: My name is Eric new to the forum. Hello to all. This is my first post but I'm just about to buy a VMAX and I have a dillema. Buy a 2014 Vmax with 1600 miles all original for 14k plus tax. 14,900 or a brand new 2015 for 15,600.00 OTD Help... what would you do??
  20. T

    Looking for some advice about the state of Maine

    I know this is not bike related but thought this might be the place to post it. My wife and I have decided to do a last minute trip to Maine, I wish I was taking the bike but it will be a cage ride. Anyway, I was wondering if folks here on the forum would be able to give me some advice as to...