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    Front fork air

    I'm new to this Vmax world and appreciate any advice I can get. I went to check the air pressure level in my front forks. The max I just picked up is a 1986. I find one air valve only and it is on the side of the left (drivers side) fork tube. There is not another matching valve on the other...
  2. V

    Diaphragm air hole measurement

    Hello- I would like to know the diameter of the original hole near the needle, the one that is usually enlarged when installing a Dynojet kit Thanks, Henry
  3. vmax2extreme

    RAM AIR SCOOPS w/VGAS Carb setup

    UFO RAM AIR Scoops with VGAS carbs setup. Scoops are primed so that you can paint them to match your color scheme. Comes with everything shown in all the pictures for the setup. RAM AIR Scoops, VGAS carbs, Throttle cable sets, intakes, and all shown hose assembly. All shipped within...
  4. Osiris

    Air fuel mixture screw issues.

    I ordered replacement screw due to a stripped screw right rear carb. The carb was a bit rich and I could not adjust screw. When taking the old screw out it was very very tight. I see why it was stripped in the 1st place. When I look inside the carb I see no obstruction, but the the screw will...
  5. R

    best air filter system

    I have a 1985 Yamaha Vmax 1200 and wonder what others use for their air filter system. Is stock the best? Thank you
  6. TB99Max

    85 air box

    85 air box, it’s missing the T piece on the top $95 shipped
  7. S

    1989 air box cover, tank

    Hi: I need an 89 or so air box cover with readable emissions decal. Mine is fine, just no decals. I dont care, crushed, or what, I need the epa sticker. If someone has a good one, fine, I will pay what it takes, but the one I have is in good shape. I think any year from about 85 to mid 90's...
  8. jasncab

    Air tube removal

    Hi everyone. This might seem simple, but it has me stumped. I have a clymer, and have looked online. I cannot see to figure out how the '85 front fork air tube is to be removed. Trying to get the forks out, but the air tube that runs between the forks is stopping me. Does it just slide...
  9. P

    Does your fork bottom out without air?

    Rebuilt the forks and don’t remember the stock forks bottoming without air. What am I missing? Thanks
  10. P

    WTB air box lid.

    Let me know. Thanks
  11. Vmax54

    Air Box Mod

    Do you have to remove the entire box or does it come apart in the middle? Can you just remove the top part to do the mod, remove the panel. Also did you notice a big difference in performance. I had the gen 1's many years ago but this is my first gen 2 and I love it. It's a beast. Thanks for...
  12. Badassmachinist

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Still doing my reading, correct me if I'm wrong but a stone stock bike dynos, between 105 and 110 and a four into one with jetting and intake mods only 120 HP? Doesn't seem like much for$1200
  13. CaptainKyle

    MRE air shifter

    Please email instead of pm [email protected] MRE air shifter on the bike less than 6 months & used twice at the track & a couple times on the street. It has a dynatek co2 adaptor & 2 co2 bottles. I made a plug and play harness for the ignition kill so you dont have to cut into the factory...
  14. T

    Stripped air mixture screw

    Can someone direct me to options to remove a stripped air mixture screw? I was given a set of carbs and I'm unable to remove one of the air mixture screws. Someone prior really smoothed the head, nothing there to bite into. Thanks. Tom

    The removable y piece atop 5the air box....

    Someone please tell me what this is for and why its removable ?
  16. putin

    extra air filters makes any difference?

    I want to remove those 4 chrome round caps on the sides of a bike and attach there round external air filters ( sometimes one can see such on harleys). Does it make any difference on riding/starting/ fuel economy? Or just cosmetic thing?
  17. MT Pockets

    fork air pressure

    What should a feller expect to have for air pressure in the forks on an '85 VMAX? Mine seem awfully soft. MT Pockets
  18. 42Below

    Fork air pressure

    Gidday I may be missing the obvious but I dont see much on how much (if any) air pressure you guys run in your forks. What do people run? I have mine apart for seals. They have progressive springs. One of the schrader valves in a cap is busted. The cap has had a hard time but will go back in...
  19. N

    Air Leak? Inlet Manifold

    Hi guys, I've been going over the Max recently, trying to get it running right... It was running great a few weeks ago after doing the shotgun, then a week later decided it didn't want to play, so checked all electric connections, coils etc and all good. I have a decent idle now BUT the revs...
  20. C

    air cut off valves

    Hello all this is my first post: need info on my 1985 vmax carbs, bike sat a few years so last fall I cleaned and rebuilt carbs and synced the carbs mechanically with a drill bit. bike fired excellent and ran good with just a off idle stumble so I added sea foam and put bike away for winter...