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  1. TB99Max

    Please help asap!!

    I took my rear wheel off to work on a few things and I could have sworn that there was a space on the brake rotor side??? I think my 3yr old ran off with it!
  2. T

    99 Stage 7 for Sale DFW Need Gone ASAP

  3. Buster Hymen

    Forum going down ASAP for security patch

    Sorry everyone, but need to patch a security exploit asap so forum will be down for about 10 minutes. Sorry if I kicked you out in the middle of a post!
  4. B

    Battery charging ASAP please

    Guys, i went for a ride today and after setting the kickstand down while in neutral the engine shut off. Need to fix the switch... (any ideas?) I left the battery on. So the battery is dead now, i don't want to break anything, can someone tell me how to get to it? Jay 281-221-6830...
  5. D

    Need help asap!

    I had a vintage western flyer bike on ebay for 150.00 buy it now and this guy bought it....he's in victoria australia and his name is John Davis.....any fellow...
  6. pumacorp

    need diff asap

    Anyone have a diff for a vmax?I dont care if its venture or vmax I just need one. I live in the NY NJ area so if someone lives in the area Ill drive to you..
  7. vmaxerCraig

    any battery asap

    Hey guys I'm going on a bike trip this Wed and I found my Battery dead this morning. No local shops stock a vmax battery, are there any cheap batteries at Walmart/ autozone etc that fit in a pinch?
  8. VMAX1260

    need some advice asap.

    i am so pissed. in two days so many problems occured. i changed oil ,spark plugs, oil filter, clutch disc's and new battery. yersterday. today was a fine weather... and took my baby for a quick spin . i changed the disc's because at about 7000 rpm the the tacho niddle stop rising until the...
  9. M

    Electric question - need answer asap

    Guys, I was taking apart the bike to do the COPs upgrade, and I found something odd... those 2 plugs were upside down... the little click thing you have that slides in and locks the harness was on top and outside of the harness plug, it seems upside down... both of them are this way... also...
  10. VMAX1260

    help asap, vboost problem i think....again

    ok. one month ago i posted a thread about my vboost which i didn't feel it to kick in. my engine is a 1300cc with carillo ,je pistons 79mm. stock carbs. t-boost installed. my mechanic had my main jet drilled so for the first 1500Km my engine untill 4000 rpm run very smoothly.the think is after...
  11. davidon

    Need Morleys phone # ASAP

    Is Morleys number listed anywhere? please email direct at [email protected] Need this before 8 pm tonight
  12. R

    looking to buy asap faux velocity stacks/ bellmouths

    hi ,chrome/polished long upward curved 1's. a set of 4 of course. sort of the 1's like the 2 only company's i know of, except these are longer and go upwards. not just straight out. also they look like the 1's that come on the 2000+ carb set up. trumpet carb top covers. if you have them...