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  1. C

    The dragon ? Third week of August?

    I heard there will be vmax gathering at dragon is this true
  2. Rick52

    Indiana Vmax Rally August 26-28

  3. C

    August 11 and 12th weekend race?

    Talking with Vmax Mike and trying to see if we can hook up and go racing. For me the 12th works. I am doing my last summer fund raiser on the 11th. I would like to do Lapeer Dragway. One because there aren't many people there. Sunday it will be more crowded though. Saturday is the best day...
  4. M

    VMOA Indiana Rally 2011 ? August 12th - 14th

    I know this is late, and I did not see any posting for this, but you have to remember I am blond. This weekend is the ride and it is always fun. The Colbourn's always do a fantastic job.
  5. T

    August 1985 CYCLE GUIDE

    25 years later. Magazine price $1.75 VMAX priceless
  6. Cycle One-off

    Any word from the August 28th testing that MCN was going to be doing?

    Any word from the August 28th testing that MCN was going to be doing? I really want to see real dyno numbers!! Thanx Tom
  7. Cameron

    MCN Full test on 28th August

    MCN Full test on 27th August Next weeks edition of the Motorcycle news has a full test of the new Max. Can't wait! Also, totally off topic, on the 28th AC/DC's new single Rock'n'Roll Train from the forthcoming new album Black Ice gets released to radio stations. :eusa_dance:
  8. hubeerjw

    August 17th - Peoria TT's

    If any of you are looking for something to do on August 16th and 17th, I'm planning on going to Peoria for the TT races. It is a pretty sweet track and I believe the only one with a jump in it. Check out this link for more info: Jeff
  9. maleko89

    Gary McCoy - Vacation from August 8 through August 14

    Gary wanted me to let you know, please call University instead of emailing during this time. There are other guys who can take your order. Mark #1098
  10. maleko89

    Sturgis - August 6 through August 13

    Please check the Calendar, I have posted both events for Sturgis this year. All bikes are welcome! Please contact one of the people listed in the calendar if you plan on attending the BBQ.