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  1. Zeus36

    Salvaged 2009 for $2000?

    How much of a hassle would this be to get it going again as a naked street fighter? He is about 1.5 hours away and says the bike starts (but how can that be without the ECU?) Not quite a basket case but the seller says it needs...
  2. johnblaid

    Clutch Basket Thrust Washer??? HELP HELP HELP

    This would be about Plate, Thrust 1 Part # 26H-16154-00-00 diagram under clutch on Cheap Cycle Parts Blow Up Diagram of the Clutch. Thrust Plate is part # 2 I installed the outer clutch basket (first thing you put back when you have installed the Morley HD Oiler and what holds the primary drive...
  3. rebar

    Basket finger and groove Divots.

    Both the outer and inner baskets have divots wore into the fingers and grooves where they contacted the disks. This must have been my problem with a hard to control jerky clutch action/feel. The disks always wanted to return to the locked position. I'm thinking I need new baskets. Are there...
  4. Jdk203

    How much would you pay for a basket case?

    So i found an 85 about an hour away. Its in pretty rough shape. The motors blown and a lot of it is dissassembled and in boxes. Also most of the body is pretty beat up looking so no real value there. I am contemplating picking it up as a spare parts bike and also parting some of it out to make...
  5. R

    clutch basket

    has anyone had problems with the clutch basket going awol? what is the side clearance supposed to be as mine seems to move 10mm pete