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  1. GreenfieldMad

    Help please . 2001 vmax 1200 . Ignition system trouble . Need comparisons pics.

    Hey all. I am wondering about the exact placment of the ignition coil stuff and the starter relay and all that "mound " of stuff just above the battery..... ( i am attaching pictures below!) Id like to see how exactly that bracket that everything is mounted on sit in there . Like it looks...
  2. Cristian Trujillo

    Battery question

    my grandpa gave me his 1998 Yamaha V Max. It need a lot of work. But one of the most important things I need to replace is the battery. Can someone recommend me a good battery? Thank you in advance
  3. M

    Key power around battery area

    Anyone know where the best place to tie into key power under seat or battery area on a gen 2.? Gps installation...
  4. vmf1200

    AGM Battery

    The battery on my 88 is weak so I ordered an AGM battery (Absorbed Glass Mat). Has anybody tried one on their bike? I was searching for an alternative to the typical wet acid type batteries that I find myself buying every 3 years or so. The technology has been around since the 80's mostly in...
  5. M

    Draining battery problem

    Hello all, I am having an issue where something seems to be killing my battery while my 85 vmax is off. It also seems to not be charging while running. My initial guess is the R/R for the charging issue. Haven't had time to go through the test chart and verify it. But just looking to see if...
  6. dewcrazzy

    Battery won't start the vmax

    Got a quick question for you guys. My bike was cranking slow so I went to hook up the charger and I hooked the cables up backwards. When I turned the key I heard a small pop and now I have nothing. Like not one thing happens when I turn the key like no power what so ever. Please help!
  7. A

    Lithium Polimer Battery.. Anyone running a new one?

    Hi guys I did a search and only found a few older posts... I find my Vmax when its hot and the thermo fans are running will only just start up if it stalls in traffic... I had similar issues with my XJ550 and fitted a LiPO battery and its been awesome ever since.. Anyone running a LiFePO4...
  8. S

    Battery Tender Jr

    Could I attach the ring terminals for a battery tender here? Could you charge from here? Easier than getting to the battery (ignore the text on the photo) Thanks...
  9. S

    Battery Tender jr

    Can I attach the ring terminals from battery tender here? Could you charge from here?(Ignore the text on the photo) Don’t want to get to the battery if this would work...Thanks
  10. nighthawk s


    I believe this is a good buy for someone needing a new battery
  11. I

    battery charging

    Hello all. Chuck here. I was wondering if anyone here had ever measured the amperage of the 3 wires coming from the stator. My bike is a 1989. I just replaced the r/r. I clamped an amprobe around each wire I got a reading of 17 amps at idle. Thanks----:bang head:
  12. S

    New battery or not

    Had the non-starting issue after a quick run to Walmart. I've already got the replacement battery & R1 regulator/rectifier is on the way for upgrading from the stock r/r. Assuming the r/r is the reason why it wouldn't start, should I wait to install the new battery until after replacing with...
  13. nstyn8

    Battery Stolen Need Some Help

    Long story short my battery got stolen a few years ago and i haven't rode since. I'm trying to get the bike up and running again but the bastards cut and disconnected some wires that I'm not sure where they go. here is a picture of what I'm working with. 1 is a thicker red wire that was going...
  14. Regular Guy

    Battery draining right before my eyes

    Hi guys, have any of you ever seen a battery drain as soon as you take the tender off of it? The reason I ask is that I am having some sort of issue going on where I HAVE to leave the bike on a battery tender. Today I pulled the tender off and measured volts at 14.3 after it sat for a few...
  15. K

    New Battery? No spark?

    My bike died on me last month and the battery was flat and wouldn't charge. Prior to this it had been running fine. I replaced the Yuasa 12v 16amp battery with BS 12V 18amp, which was of the same dimensions and a perfect fit. Since fitting the new battery I have had a 'no spark' issue and the...
  16. K

    Battery? Won't run?

    I was riding home last night and about 1 mile from my house, the bike just died. When I attempted to restart it but the battery was flat. I know there is no problem with the charging system, as I have a voltmeter on the bike, which showed it was putting out at least 13+ V when running. I called...
  17. radley

    Need new battery

    Where can I get the best battery as well as cheapest? Yuasa? Nothing fancy.
  18. E

    Which battery charger?

    Evening all! I am going to invest in a new battery charger for 'Brutus'. But i am dithering between an optimate 4 or Ctek msx 5.0. Both have the facility of leaving the terminal cable attached to the batteries and both have appear to have trickle charge... So the question is, do you...
  19. A

    Adding a pig tail for battery charger

    How hard is it to install a lead from battery to hook up a charger.
  20. hurleyman77

    Battery weak when hot?

    I remember having seen this on the forum somewhere, but my searches are not pulling up anything useful. My bike acts like the battery is low, when it's hot. Simple as that. When it's cold, it starts like a champ (with a little choke) and runs like a top. When it's hot, it acts like the...