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  1. T

    uk spec calipers on us spec bike?

    HI The piston seals on the front brakes of my 98 US spec vmax all need replacing. They are different to the uk calipers and I was quoted £132 for the seals from Yamaha ! Was wondering if uk spec calipers are a straight replacement or do I need to suck up the postage charges of usa ebay?
  2. Fire-medic

    Oct 13 Wisconsin vintage bike auction

    Auction, lots of good bikes, most vintage . Appleton WI Oct. 13. Wish I was closer.
  3. M

    Carb repair on bike..

    1999 VMax Needle seat/sleeve has loosened up (unseated) from seat. Is it possible to repair without taking all four carbs out for bench work?
  4. B

    Making this old bike look new

    Hey all! I recently acquired an '88 Vmax 1200, which I had previously never heard of but fell in love with immediately. The previous owner had put pretty much as much money as possible into maintaining all the OEM moving parts and had paid a bit less attention to how the bike looked, so I've...
  5. S

    Is this a good lift point for the bike?

    I've got a craftsman jack I think will work if I put about 4" of support in the circled area. I don't think lifting from the back of the motor will get the front end up so I also need to know if I can also lift from a bit further forward, directly underneath the oil pan.
  6. 93max

    Gen 1 bike cover size

    Going down to the OBX next week and like to cover my bike for the trip as it will be on an open trailer. Any info on what size to get and possibly make sure it stays on! LOL! Thanks
  7. T

    Looking for a sport bike, advice?

    All, I'm looking for a sport touring bike. It would be driven to work (65 miles round trip) and on some weekends on a 500 mile round trip. I'm looking for something with hard bags and plenty of power. I also wan't an upright riding position. I have been eyeballing the used Kawasaki Concours 14...
  8. poppop

    finally got a new to me bike a 2008 vtx 1800

    i know a few of you guy's know i sold my max around 3 years ago.not a thing wrong with it,for me it just wasn't my true cup of tea. always will hold a special place in my heart.iwatched it leave the drive ,the walked to the end of the drive and watched it go outta sight,Im 62 now and just...
  9. M

    Buying 20 yr old bike? Pulling the trigger tomorrow, talk me down

    Hello good folks, thanks so much for the advice so far. I mentioned in a previous thread that I've previously owned a 1981 CB750K and a 2002 Kawi concours 1000. The knowledge is worth something I'm sure; I know how to take care of vintage bikes...
  10. K

    Bike dying.

    For a while, my bike would just die while riding. Would pull over to side of road, wait a minute and would start up again and go on without any problems. Then the last two outings, it got worse and would die after going a few kms. I adjusted the carbs, floats, needles and jets based on...
  11. Fire-medic

    Daytona Bike Week

    Sorry that Boxxenstopp and Joe won't be around any more. It was a good way to be able to meet the other VMax guys from around the country. My buddy and I will be up there TH FR & SA March 15-17. We like to watch the national flattrack race, last year, it was a TT-style, and Mees on an...
  12. rebeltaz83

    97 ride ready, and 96 parts bike. Link to CL ad, figured $4,500 was a good starting point for two whole bikes one ride ready, the other for parts. both clean titles, and a truck load of parts. Going to use the money for a down payment for 2nd gen. I also...
  13. liptoss

    What kind of bike...

    is he riding? I want one!
  14. S

    Bike is dead

    I have a 2002 max, after sitting for a couple of weeks, I went out to shop to start it up, battery low, put trickle charge on it. Went to start it up the next day, everything came on and engine started spinning over....then, everything went off as if battery was jerked loose. Started checking...
  15. redneksoldier

    When your bike has been going out at night cheating on you...

    Found this on my local craigslist... lmao
  16. D

    Clean bike in NOVA $1500

    I just went and looked at this guy's bike tonight. Somebody take him the $1500 he's asking for and get it to your house. It needs steering head bearings tightened, a left turn signal bulb, and the starter switch sprayed with something to keep it from sticking...
  17. P

    Anybody know this bike? It's about 3-4 hours away.
  18. Jhbox13

    Can you identify this bike?

    A buddy of mine just bought it as a project. Looks similar to a VMax, but I am not super experienced with them. Any ideas? And I asked for the vin, he says he cant get to it under the fairing....
  19. V4bandit

    Found my old bike

    Was browsing on Kijiji the other night and seen my first Vmax. I rebuilt the motor with parts and pointers from Sean M. The yellow bike is what I had. The other pics, same bike now for sale. Just makes my stomach turn with how beat up she looks now
  20. Fire-medic

    getting approval for a new bike from the wife-or not