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  1. E

    Michigan Blessing 2015

    Are there any other VMAX riders going to the Blessing this year in Baldwin MI? We are going and would like to see some vmax's get together, because all my other buddies have Harleys. :bang head: lol
  2. C

    Blessing of the bikes Gibralter Mt Clemens April 26th 2015 There is also another ( I bet quite a few ). The Gibralter one offers free food and entertainment all at no cost.
  3. Kronx

    Blessing or a Curse?

    It's hasn't even been 9 months since I got my Vmax and I am a full fledged addict to "the ride." The winter was a mean one but it didn't stop me from riding. I just added another layer of clothes. I day dream all the time about riding with no specific destination. About taking roads less...
  4. 2fear

    Blessing of the bikes, Baldwin MI.

    I will be heading to Baldwin early Sunday morning if anyone wants to meet up and do a ride in together, great time and thousands of bikes.
  5. magna_dude74

    Blessing St. Johns Michigan Mint Fest

    St. Johns is hosting quite a bit this year at the Mint Feat including a blessing.... 8/11/12 at 1:00 pm Motorcycles blessing of the bikes with bike tour of Clinton County following until 3:00 pm. I do not know the route but I do know the area, let me know if this sounds like anything anybody...
  6. VMax-Mike

    Blessing of the bikes in hell michigan
  7. srk468

    Blessing of the bikes?

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone was going to the blessing of the bikes in Baldwin MI? A bunch of my friends and myself are going its May 13'th through the 15'th, hope to see some of the Vmax crowd there!
  8. python

    Python MotorSports website clean has googles blessing!

    Just to let everyone know, Python motorsports website has been fixed & clear of all problems as of about week ago. Google has crawler scan the website for malware etc. & found NONE!:eusa_dance: They have remove there block & all is well. What a hassle that was to clear up. Thanks everyone for...
  9. G

    Buffalo Motorcycle Blessing

    For anyone in the Western New York area the Buffalo Blessing is being held Sunday May 17. It starts at 10:00 am at the Mckinley Mall, bikes are blessed at around 1:00 pm followed by a ride to a grove on California rd in Orchard Park. Should be a ton of bikes, usually a few Maxes...
  10. V

    3rd annual puzzle run & biker blessing, new jersey

    My Chapter of the CMA is holding it's 3rd Annual Puzzle Run and Biker Blessing on APRIL 18, 2009. For the last 2 years, lunch consisted of grilled STEAKS. I'm not promising STEAKS again this year, but chances are that's what will be served. Prizes are given away too. Come on by, come in early...
  11. Buster Hymen

    The VMax - Official blessing

    Short and sweet message!:rocket bike: