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  1. P

    Cheap CDI box to test

    Hello all, First time poster here, just recently bought a 2000 Vmax with 10,000 miles it is sputtering/popping and shutting off at low throttle I have to turn the key off then back on for it to start, without turning the key off when it shuts off it will crank but just pop and sputter will...
  2. TB99Max

    85 air box

    85 air box, it’s missing the T piece on the top $95 shipped
  3. S

    1989 air box cover, tank

    Hi: I need an 89 or so air box cover with readable emissions decal. Mine is fine, just no decals. I dont care, crushed, or what, I need the epa sticker. If someone has a good one, fine, I will pay what it takes, but the one I have is in good shape. I think any year from about 85 to mid 90's...
  4. K

    Goodie box!!

    See something you like in here? Buy the whole box and save! $30 shipped! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. P

    WTB air box lid.

    Let me know. Thanks
  6. B

    cdi box maybe

    Stator wire shorted on frame bunt up battery put new battery on but no spark to plugs bike turns over fine everything works but no fire? Help brent max
  7. Vmax54

    Air Box Mod

    Do you have to remove the entire box or does it come apart in the middle? Can you just remove the top part to do the mod, remove the panel. Also did you notice a big difference in performance. I had the gen 1's many years ago but this is my first gen 2 and I love it. It's a beast. Thanks for...
  8. Badassmachinist

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Still doing my reading, correct me if I'm wrong but a stone stock bike dynos, between 105 and 110 and a four into one with jetting and intake mods only 120 HP? Doesn't seem like much for$1200
  9. K

    CDi Box??

    Ok, apologies for my ignorance, but where is the Cdi box located on a 1986? I had assumed it was under the left air scoop? but it's not? Thanks

    The removable y piece atop 5the air box....

    Someone please tell me what this is for and why its removable ?
  11. blaxmax

    Tool Box Door

    Does someone have a pic of where this piece goes? Thanks. I know it's under the seat but does it go on the rear seat?
  12. B

    I need the Y for my air box

    If you have one to sell please pm or text me at 330-409 3806 thank you
  13. timscues

    Cops, ignition box

    Alright gurus out there, battery connection tight, tach was bouching around here and there, today while riding lost tach and running like crap, just installed COP'S, and a new voltage regulator and wired that directly, was running good before and after install?? Battery is at 12.7 off and 13's...
  14. F

    Can't get Air box mounte

    I have a '94 VMax. I haven't had it on the road for about 6 years for various reasons. This past winter I took the carbs off to clean them out after sitting for so long. I'm finally getting everything back together, but now I cannot get the air box back on. It's like the tubes that go over the...
  15. N

    Sheet metal air box cover

    Just further proof that if left to my own devices I will putter around the garage until I run out of beer, lol. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it must flow a TON more air than stock because now the stock jetting doesn't want to cooperate :rofl_200:
  16. N

    Got some new stickers for the tool box

    Turns out they are nicer than expected. I was thinking they were just those little helmet stickers, but these are about the size of a dollar bill :eusa_dance:
  17. J

    Air box question

    In the front bottom of airbox is a hole thats leads up to front center of air filter whats supposed to go there a slober tube aka drain. I have crankcase hooked to the back
  18. E

    Delkevic Chrome header new in box

    I have delkevic chrome headers new in box that I've decided not to install. $200 plus shipping.
  19. M

    Air Box Fuel

    I have a 05 max and I am getting a fuel smell and some brownish liquid in the airbox and filter. smells like old gas, but doesn't have the flammability I would expect from gas. #1 carb seems like it is popping a little and I seem like I have performance issues and popping noises until about...
  20. blaxmax

    1st gen Air box boot

    I have one mentally twisted.:bang head: Looking for a replacement.