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  1. Lugan

    Swingarm brace / bracing design thoughts & theory - your experience/ opinion please!

    Gents, I've been looking at images of, and reading about the different vendors and DIY braced swingarms and have a few thoughts and a few questions. I've read very little about the intent behind different designs, other than "stiffer is better". Is it? Or would some limited, remaining...
  2. GREEN light BLITZ

    Bracing the frame behind the engine?

    Alrighty guys it has been s long project getting my bike back together due to some madness at home but were almost there! Just a few more costly parts to replace and it will be ready to rock... My question here is I've done most of the Vmax handling mods to make the Chimera a canyon...
  3. GREEN light BLITZ

    Home grown swing arm bracing!

    Well Im at it again! I dont know if its because Im stubborn, cheap, or some misplaced sense of pride that I keep doin these projects when I "could" buy them but, I hope (honestly I do) they inspire at least one other person that they can do some of these mods at home on a tight budget...I know...
  4. bikedave99

    Swingarm Bracing

    I couldn't really find the appropriate section in tech so I will address this at Morley and anyone else running a swingarm brace. Do they help the wallowing in the long sweeping corners? I do a lot of two up riding with camping gear, but still love run fast in the corners. But, with all the...
  5. Rusty McNeil

    Swingarm bracing and notching-DIY

    It can't be that hard can it? Last weekend I did this project, took alot of measurements and spent some time at work with some mild steel tubing and a conduit bender and fabbed up the pieces, using a picture off the internet and my already removed swingarm, and mostly just "eyeballed" it into...
  6. firefly

    Fork bracing

    Now with a 17 inch front wheel I see a lot of room for a sturdy brace that can also act as a one inch spacer. Can some one make a CNC brace/spacer to fit under the stock brace for added stiffens of the forks? I think this would be a great solution to REALLY firm up the front. I am thinking of...
  7. firefly

    Bracing the swing arm?

    Can anyone who has done this mod comment on it? What did the bike do to require bracing of the swing arm and how does it feel after doing the bracing. I would also appreciate some links to sites that do bracing Thanks Firefly ________ Honda Wave series specifications