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  1. caseyjones955

    Calling card to mask caller ID? VOIP

    Normally I can answer stupid questions like this with a simple Google search, but not so much this time. I still have a landline (Ooma VOIP), I'm in a valley with no signal. I wish to keep certain businesses from seeing my real number. I know that *67 wont work when calling toll free numbers, it...
  2. Lotsokids

    Cell Phone / Sim Card Reception Question...

    My wife and I have lived in Hungary for 6 years now. I have owned 3 phones and had no big reception problems. My wife has owned a Nokia, Samsung, and now a Samsung Galaxy S4. No reception in our house with any of these phones. She can stand next to me without reception, yet mine has some. We...
  3. alorio1

    Beware of chase credit card email scams

    I just received this email from a scammer/hacker that said; Dear Customer Thank you for scheduling your recent credit card payment online. Your payment in the amount of $1000.75 will be credited to your credit card account (CREDIT CARD) on 12/22/2014. Now that you're making your payment...
  4. Kronx

    Temporarily Handing In My Man Card...

    I'd admit it. My VMax purchase was complete impulse buy. It was a bike I had always loved ever since I saw my neighbor in '85 doing rolling burn outs up and down our street. You know those crazy Apple people who camp out at the stores for the next gadget? My neighbor was that way, only with...
  5. srk468

    Hope none of you have a medical marijuana card and own guns...
  6. satariel666

    BMW christmas card

    It was for christmas but i missed that so lets say its for new year LOL :rofl_200:
  7. davidon

    Swiped Credit Card

    Anyone have their card info swiped online? Just was notified about unusual activity and I did'nt recognize a few small charges. PS Was'nt the Mod Monkey or it would have been colossal ones:rofl_200:
  8. vmaxride06

    Tigers new Christmas Card Photo

  9. Max01red

    This years Christmas card (you will like it)

    :newyear0: three of my four true loves all in one picture :animatee: ( the wife didn't want to be in the picture)...:confused2: