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  1. Fire-medic

    one way to carry your bike

    An interesting pic.
  2. caseyjones955

    Concealed carry w/o permit It's a local thing here being considered but its nice to see some movement in the right direction. :clapping: Of course getting a permit here is a...
  3. SpecOps13

    Open Carry?????

    Good Idea or Bad???? It's a Debate.:confused2: I do it when it's legal. When I was in Colorado years ago ( Very Different State Now ), it was completely legal. Absolutely Amazing how far that cars on the roads stayed away from me when riding.:rofl_200: Just another right we should have never...
  4. T

    What tools do you carry on your bike?

    Hi Guys, I want to put together a decent toolkit for when I'm on the road on my bikes. What tools/parts do you guys carry when you do road trips?
  5. SpecOps13

    Concealed Carry Weapons, Firearm

    I personally deal with firearms every day. I do testing of AR-15 type weapons for a number of manufacturers. But I also carry a concealed firearm for personal defense, pretty much 24/7. I currently have 3 choices that I select from depending on a lot of factors. Generally my choice is made by...
  6. lankeeyankee

    Carry over from "Post your longest burnout"

    Ok I started this cause it was going towards Booosa's Response to Bawls.... Yes he is a small guy weighing no more than 150lbs suited in full leathers. Yes he can ride and get the max out of his bike and put it to the ground. Its a smooth run usually toting the front end 3-5inches the first...
  7. Maxedout

    Where can I get a sissy bar to carry my luggage

    I am going to Bonneville in August and need to carry a luggage bag on the Vmax. After scouring the Internet I've come up empty. Has anyone traveled and if so what did you use to hold your stuff. Mind you I'm covering 2400 miles in 7 days and camping up in the Sierra Nevadas. Thanks in advance.
  8. D

    07 max a complete carry over from 06?

    Hey guys,is the 07 max a complete unchanged carry over from 06,colour and all?? I know things have not changed much ever, but at least another colour from the previous year.I may have just not looked close enough but it looks completely black again. To add insult to injury,there is a mistake buy...