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  1. Trondyne

    Click Click WT#?

    I am really concerned... I was getting on the highway earlier and not sure what gear I was in at the time... Bike was in gear and I grabbed a handful of throttle ... The bike starts to go but then I hear CLICK, then a sudden power loss to rear wheel (0.3-0.4 seconds) then power resumes then...
  2. r13cents

    Clickity click nothing

    Just got a new problem with my 91 vmax 1200. The battery was dead so I charged it Then went out the next morning to start it and with the charger connected the light goes on the fuel pump..pumps but when i push the starter button it just clicks not ike 1 click but a constant clickity click. when...
  3. J

    90 no crank click click issue

    My 90 is not cranking after starter clutch replace. Ive replaced solenoid and rebuilt the starter with no luck. I installed a new battery and same thing. I did get the starter to crank over the bike very very slow a couple times. I disassembled the starter clutch to make sure I had it all...
  4. S

    click clacking

    There is a clacking noise comeing from the front end, 2800-2900 rpms, Cant figure out what the heck it is. bike runs great, handles great, brakes are great, but its annoying the hell out of me. any ideas. hate to give shop any $$ Thanx Shorthair....
  5. D

    Fuel pump click but not pump...???

    Here's the video. It explains everything.
  6. Z

    Throttle Click?

    Every once in a while when the bike is running I snap the throttle and I hear a click. Some times I snap it a couple of times in a row and it will click each time. But it only happens rarely and only when I snap the throttle quick. The sound is coming from down under and is not just the...
  7. vmaxinID


  8. Jayhawk

    Don't click on this link

    For all that is holy, I'm warning you, do NOT click on the link below. Fair warning served. Don't do it. DON'T CLICK HERE Now, we'll see how many of you can actually heed the warning. Have a nice day. :biglaugh:
  9. Z

    V boost click on an 85

    Should the Vboost system cycle when the key is turned on an 85? I don't remember if my 92 did, but my 98 does.
  10. S

    key turn, click click, click

    I have a quick question, when I start the vmax (06) after an extended amout on soon as I turn the key to the on position..I hear the clicking seems to get slower after the first click. I know it sounds weird...but it's the only way I can describe it. It's not...