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  1. T

    Aftermarket levers?

    I kept getting a pain in my left hand on long rides. Today I measured the distance from the grip to the back of the ball of the levers and the brake was 80mm space and the clutch 130mm space! So im guessing one is an aftermarket one (but which one?), or is this normal? Either way the clutch one...
  2. D

    Barnett clutch pack

    Just purchased my first VMAX this winter and have been loving it with the exception of a slight clutch slip in the top of 4th and 5th gears. I am planning on replacing with a Barnett clutch pack and full size last friction plate and with a pcw spring. This may be a silly question, but why does...
  3. V-V

    86 V-Max parts for sale!!

    I’m selling my parts on eBay. Please check out on the link below.:) https://www.ebay.com/itm/293534060717 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293534006454 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293551695139 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293551629168 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293551626625 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293550496507...
  4. ga_max

    Yet Another Starter Clutch Question

    About 1 1/2 years ago I replaced my starter clutch. This was the first major work I've ever done to any motorcycle I've ever owned. With the help of this forum and Yukon Dave's write-up I was able to complete the task anss was happy with the result. I did use red locktite and peened the the...
  5. 911Carrera

    Reverse Bleeding Clutch

    Bought a new 2005 and have never worked on her. Never heard of reverse bleeding, but after searching the forum, did it and flushed some filthy stuff back up to the MC. I tried the "traditional bleeding" with no luck after changing out the Master Cynlinder. I never did see that trash I flushed...
  6. jdeitz1979

    Clutch mod

    So, I was tipped to a mod for the vmax clutch. Haven’t tried it yet, but this post will hopefully sort out the pros vs cons and opinions of the mod. When installing the Barnett pressure plate and new friction discs if you’re installing those as well, you can remove the clutch boss ring, clutch...
  7. J

    Master and Slave upgrades - Source?

    Looking to upgrade my 98, as the slave keeps leaking. Questions for the forum: What parts/gasket needed? I searched the forum and read of a gasket needed and haven't found one I am sure will work, part number? Can anyone recommend a vendor who can provide a complete kit? Thanks for...
  8. Deuce57

    Need clutch master cylinder for 97 Vmax.

    I looked on eBay, but either they're overpriced or not in the condition I'd like. Anybody have one for sale? If so, let me know what you want for it, please.
  9. P

    Clutch and brake master cylinders. -SOLD-

    Off my 05 with 6800 miles. $40 each shipped to cont us.
  10. A

    Clutch not disengageing

    When I pull my clutch lever in and rev the motor on my 1200 vmax I can feel bike wanting to move forward
  11. C

    Clutch Clatter.

    Hello all, I recently got my 06' Vmax 1200 around a month ago. It runs great now that the carbs were cleaned by DannyMax, but recently it seems like the clutch has been super talkative when accelerating, Light throttle and clutch pulled in its quite. I'm not to familiar with vmaxes, so any...
  12. T

    Clutch bleeding!

    So I did a master cylinder rebuild and now its leaking by the leaver! I checked my service manual and it looks like I put it back the same. Any suggestions on how to get it to stop leaking? Thanks Tom
  13. vmax1998

    1st gen vmax clutch

    Anybody in the Phoenix AZ area good with the hydraulic clutch on the vmax? I’ve done every possible thing I can imagine to this damn clutch and it still will not bleed fluid out. I’m done messing with it. I’ve spent too much money and time on it so I need an expert to figure it out. I originally...
  14. vmax1998

    Vmax clutch issues 1st gen

    Anybody in the Phoenix AZ area good with the hydraulic clutch on the vmax? I’ve done every possible thing I can imagine to this damn clutch and it still will not bleed fluid out. I’m done messing with it. I’ve spent too much money and time on it so I need an expert to figure it out. I originally...
  15. T

    After replacing the starter clutch

    Can someone please tell me what the torque spec is, for the bolt that holds the flywheel to the crankshaft? Also torque for the 3 starter clutch bolts to the flywheel? Thanks, Brad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. J

    Gen 2 Carbon Clutch

    Anyone used the Barnett Kevlar or Carbon Clutch Plates? Getting Ready to do the ,(add a spring) Clutch Mod. Thinking about ordering the Carbon, Carbon works awesome for Airplane brakes, no experience with it on clutches? Sent from my Z983 using Tapatalk
  17. R

    Clutch slippage problem or transmission?

    backstory, a few weeks ago i though i noticed some "hiccupping" on hard acceleration in at least 2nd and 3rd gear....after reading through the forums I figured it was clutch slippage and decided to change the oil and do the double D modification.... had another clutch spring and added it to...
  18. vmax1998

    clutch problems(barnett)??? 1st gen vmax

    Hello all, this is one of my first posts and i'm hoping to get some much needed help. So I have a recently new to me 1998 vmax 1200 with 17000 miles on it. Soon after I bought it i noticed the clutch was slipping slightly when i gave it more than half throttle. So i rode it as it was for a day...
  19. Conman

    Good Non-OEM (Cheap) Starter Clutch?

    Well I’m getting that starting noise that signifies the starter clutch is on its way out... Anyone have positive experiences with a cheaper option than OEM? Also, how do these typically fail? Will the bike just not start one day? Or is this doing damage? Thanks, Connor
  20. V

    Clutch master cylinder

    ive recently bought a vmax project and ive just started doing bits to it... I bought a master cylinder repair kit for both front brake and clutch... the clutch kit came with an extra little spring and washer that was not there when I dismantled the old cylinder... ive seen on a drawing that it...