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  1. L

    Vmax gen 1 Pulls forward shifting from neutral to first gear

    Hey everyone, New to Vmaxs, picked my 05 up in January. Bike has 17k miles and is clean and seamed very well maintained. I couldn’t find anything on this topic. Every time I kick the bike into first gear from neutral the bike pulls forward just a bit. It will do this hot or cold. Clutch...
  2. DocDoom

    Anyone have experience with the OTC reverse bleeders?

    Anyone have experience with some of the cheapies like these: Do you usually worm clamp into your bleeder valve? Trying to bleed by hand was kind of an exercise in futility. Also, if this works I'll let you folks know for 11 bucks magic can happen for the price of a...
  3. DocDoom

    Question/Sanity Checking on Upcoming clutch job.

    Hey everyone, new to the forum but long time lurker. I got the max about a year ago, had a huge amount of work done to it, and all is right in the world, minus the clutch. Somewhere amidst a lengthy stop and go beach cruise it stopped putting any significant power to the ground, so I think it's...
  4. Vykk

    Strange clunk when engaging the clutch

    Hello, I am new here. I have been wanting a Vmax for a very long time and I finally bought one. Found a decent deal on a 2000 (12k miles) in town, picked it up last Thursday. Super excited and really fun to ride. So, first off the clutch lever was very weak so last weekend I bled the clutch and...
  5. V

    1997 vmax whining clutch? noise

    Hello, I am new to the forum. Recently i bought a 1997 vmax with 26miles. I love the bike. When i bought the bike the clutch was slipping and the clutch was making a whining noise. I tought with replacing all the clutch plates the noise would stop. After installing the clutch plates and...
  6. C

    Barnett Spring Clutch replacement troubles

    Hello everyone! I am having some trouble fixing the slipping clutch on my 94 max. I purcahsed it from a guy for $1100 because it had trouble starting and needed "clutch lever adjusted." I fixed the starting issues with carb cleaning and new battery, and figured I would flush the clutch lever...
  7. M

    Was doing burnouts, clutch won’t engage after. Is it’s a burnt clutch or something else?

    So I was doing burnouts, noticed that tire stopped spinning and then when I tried to peel out of there bike wouldn’t move. I can shift through all the gears but bike won’t move. Do I just loosen the clutch? Or is it a more severe issue?
  8. SharpMan

    No Power at High RPM

    Whats going on y'all. My VMax has been acting a little strange. It rides fine, but suddenly when I get around 6 or 7k RPM, the engine freely revs to redline without any power going to the wheel. When I roll off the throttle within that rev range, it FEELS like the bike wants to accelerate, and...
  9. M

    Weird clutch problem since oil change

    Hi everyone. I've scoured the forum, found some interesting info but nothing specific to my problem. The backstory......vmax 2001my. Bought the bike from a friend in November last year. I knew it had idling problems as it had been sat for a bout 6 months. So I stripped the carbs and serviced...
  10. T

    Aftermarket levers?

    I kept getting a pain in my left hand on long rides. Today I measured the distance from the grip to the back of the ball of the levers and the brake was 80mm space and the clutch 130mm space! So im guessing one is an aftermarket one (but which one?), or is this normal? Either way the clutch one...
  11. D

    Barnett clutch pack

    Just purchased my first VMAX this winter and have been loving it with the exception of a slight clutch slip in the top of 4th and 5th gears. I am planning on replacing with a Barnett clutch pack and full size last friction plate and with a pcw spring. This may be a silly question, but why does...
  12. V-V

    86 V-Max parts for sale!!

    I’m selling my parts on eBay. Please check out on the link below.:)
  13. ga_max

    Yet Another Starter Clutch Question

    About 1 1/2 years ago I replaced my starter clutch. This was the first major work I've ever done to any motorcycle I've ever owned. With the help of this forum and Yukon Dave's write-up I was able to complete the task anss was happy with the result. I did use red locktite and peened the the...
  14. 911Carrera

    Reverse Bleeding Clutch

    Bought a new 2005 and have never worked on her. Never heard of reverse bleeding, but after searching the forum, did it and flushed some filthy stuff back up to the MC. I tried the "traditional bleeding" with no luck after changing out the Master Cynlinder. I never did see that trash I flushed...
  15. jdeitz1979

    Clutch mod

    So, I was tipped to a mod for the vmax clutch. Haven’t tried it yet, but this post will hopefully sort out the pros vs cons and opinions of the mod. When installing the Barnett pressure plate and new friction discs if you’re installing those as well, you can remove the clutch boss ring, clutch...
  16. J

    Master and Slave upgrades - Source?

    Looking to upgrade my 98, as the slave keeps leaking. Questions for the forum: What parts/gasket needed? I searched the forum and read of a gasket needed and haven't found one I am sure will work, part number? Can anyone recommend a vendor who can provide a complete kit? Thanks for...
  17. Deuce57

    Need clutch master cylinder for 97 Vmax.

    I looked on eBay, but either they're overpriced or not in the condition I'd like. Anybody have one for sale? If so, let me know what you want for it, please.
  18. P

    Clutch and brake master cylinders. -SOLD-

    Off my 05 with 6800 miles. $40 each shipped to cont us.
  19. A

    Clutch not disengageing

    When I pull my clutch lever in and rev the motor on my 1200 vmax I can feel bike wanting to move forward
  20. C

    Clutch Clatter.

    Hello all, I recently got my 06' Vmax 1200 around a month ago. It runs great now that the carbs were cleaned by DannyMax, but recently it seems like the clutch has been super talkative when accelerating, Light throttle and clutch pulled in its quite. I'm not to familiar with vmaxes, so any...