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  1. M

    Hindle Competition

    I've been searching high and low for a Hindle Competition pipe, they quit making them sometime ago. Anyone know of someone that might have one or willing to part with? It says Hindle on the pipe and right below it says competition. The sound to me doesn't sound like any of the hindles today.
  2. maxist

    Competition Werkes Integrated Taillight w/Clear Lens

    I found this rear tail light as a direct replacement, curious if anyone has used this. Competition Werkes Integrated Taillight w/Clear Lens
  3. Fire-medic

    Lance Armstrong-is he a doper in competition? Sad that this had to be the case evidently, I guess we may find-out more in months to come. This is disappointing, if true. I was always hoping it wasn't.
  4. C

    So I sponsored a Competition shooter..... video....

    I took a little time off from sponsoring people in shooting sports. Mainly because I learned a couple lessons on sponsoring people LOL and making sure they are actually shooters and not weekend warriors looking for freebie handouts. So here is a video sent to me last night of Jeff Ward, my...
  5. H

    Burnout competition.

    Hey guys. I'm going to enter the bountiful car show burnout competition this year ( will probably be the only bike ). I was thinking of throwing a rear shinko " smokebomb" tire on the rear. Do it in Red smoke to match my bike. Anybody have experience with these tires.. Im wondering if they...
  6. S

    slip-on competition???

    I see a lot of guys liking supertraps but i also see some cobra slip-ons too. cobra looks cooler. i remember seeing people say stay away from vance and hines. with stock jets which one seems to be best bang? who's louder? do they both allow center stand to stay? Thanks, Sid
  7. L

    Competition is GOOD! (for Us)

    V-Max friends, Moto-Boutique has dropped their prices on Otec items. It seems to be in response to the already low prices listed by Wild Bros. Check out the differences yourself. Moto Boutique Wild Bros I am not endorsing either...