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  1. TB99Max

    85 Complete part out

    HERE WE GO...... I picked up a 85 that I’m going to part out. I will get more pictures when I take it out of the truck. Let me know what your interested in.
  2. K

    Complete STRAIGHT frame

    I have title as well. Probably want to arrange for a pickup. I am located in Eastern Nebraska just west of Omaha. $250. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. K

    Electrical parts including COMPLETE wiring harness

    Wiring harness: $55 shipped Rectifier: $50 shipped Ignition box: $60 shipped (bought this as a replacement a few years ago so it works perfectly) Fuel pump: $65 shipped (includes surrounding brackets) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. K

    Complete radiator with parts

    Want to sell as a whole. $75 plus shipping (approx $25) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. K

    Complete triple FREE just pay shipping

    Complete triple including bearings. I never had ANY issues with steering. $175 plus shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. C

    Complete set of engine parts

    Hey guys, I have a complete (but mostly disassembled) VMax engine. All of it is for sale. I bought it for a dune buggy build, but I ended up going with a different engine. It's not exactly pristine condition, but most of the parts could still be useful. Somewhere in its life it got some...
  7. T

    UK - Complete Barnett set, standard clutch springs, forks, yokes, scoops etc etc.

    Happy to post all these at cost UK or abroad. More, higher-res pics here: Make me an offer on any of the below... Scoops: These have been "de-badged" as the yoofs say nowadays. They've been sprayed black but could do with a respray or a touch up. 40mm...
  8. T

    Complete set of bodywork - superb condition -SOLD-

    Hi all, I've got a set of bodywork for sale from a project which is no-longer required. These panels were sprayed by Street Kustom in Reading and they've since been in storage. They are in fantastic condition, only a small chip on the rear fender (shown in the photos), but this would be...
  9. mundmc

    Shotgun complete, A/F (sorta) adjusted, carb syncing question

    Where I left off, the "shotgun" fixed my bad idle/ low power question. Today I decided to try to sync the carbs and to futz with the air-fuel screws. 1) Even if I tightened the screw for carbs 3&4 all the way, they still wouldn't go to the same vacuum. Thoughts? 2) Tightening the air-fuel...
  10. A

    Homemade baffles, complete.

    As discussed in other posts, I loved the sound of my full UFO exhaust but the loudness was really hard on my ears even with earplugs. As an experiment, I stuffed the cans with steel wool and was quite surprised at the results. Obviously this was temporary. Today I used some galvanized...
  11. Miles Long

    My first complete custom build!

    Hey, everyone's got to start somewhere. Put this together for a friend. The price of the engine kit is hard to believe - $210.00 delivered to his door. Included 66 c.c., 2.6hp engine, exhaust, CDI ignition, extra spark plug, even a puller in case the flywheel has to be changed out. Lots...
  12. H

    x2 - 1985 Complete & Running $3500 CDN for Both

    sold please remove
  13. A

    05 stock exhaust complete.

    Hi. I have a complete stock exhaust from my 05 vmax. It only has approx. 2,500 miles on the pipes, excellent condition. What do you think would be a good price to get out of it. Thanks .
  14. P

    First EVER mod complete !!!!

    first Mod done 100000 more to go love this bike so far !!!!:eusa_dance: OK i have put the correct gaps in the plugs on a nice fresh set turns out my original coils have never been firing correctly from plug chopping tests i have been doing all have the same color bar 1 the new kit seems to...
  15. CaptainKyle

    complete 84 vejture

    I picked up a complete 84 venture and some extra venture parts. I will be parting everything out. I will ppst pics when i get home. Let me know if your looking for specific parts.
  16. D

    Kerker / Supertrapp install complete.

    So I got the bike a few months ago, and my ambition finally kicked in to install the Kerker 4-2-1 with a Supertrapp silencer that came with the bike. The owner prior to the guy I got the bike from had installed it and did the re-jet. The OEM was re-installed to make a wife happier. Yowza...
  17. P

    Complete bodywork Wanted

    Hello guys, I am looking for a set of complete bodywork for my 85 Vmax, front & rear fender, Side scoops & air box cover, Would like to have a nice set that does not need paint. Thanks Doug
  18. NHVmaxpower

    Winter project complete

    :punk::clapping:Well here she is pretty much complete other than a few little things. Race tech springs,Progresive shocks,Ecliptech shift light,Koso volt gauge,Gear indicator,polished covers,scoops,rebuilt carbs,MSD 7mm red wires,plugs,Muscle seat,Marks 4 into 2,lots of powder coated parts,new...
  19. CaptainKyle

    complete 88 engine

    88 Model engine 26,000 miles runs good shifts good. I had another customer that wanted this & he wanted me to check the valves so I checked them & installed new valve cover gaskets but he had other priorites that came up.. It needs cleaned up & painted does not come with starter. $ 800 plus...
  20. J

    Big bore / overhaul complete kit

    I see you build some sweet engines on your site, do you offer a complete kit I could buy for my 85 and overhaul it completely with a 1500 big bore? do the stock rods handle this upgrade ok?