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  1. Greg Lanz

    Oil Leak - oil filter bottoming out?

    I have had my 2003 Vmax since 2009 with nary an issue. Last fall I was in the midst of moving and drove the motorbike to the new house/garage. I think I went over a speed bump a bit fast and it felt like it bottomed out. A few days later I checked on the bike and for the first time ever...
  2. CrackerRican

    Grinding The Crack

    Now this would be a rush!!
  3. V

    This vid will crack u up

    First post, I hope It's right. I call this vid, "Vmax Face" It's not pretty! Make sure to catch the disclaimer @ the end.
  4. W

    Miss ,crack,pop.....

    Looking for ideas on what the problem could be......... Bike runs perfect until it gets hot....after 10 miles or so, at low RPM it wants to skip, miss, sputter , backfire.....nail the throttle and it will come to life. Whats really strange is its not all the time,as in saturday I rode 60 miles...
  5. U

    Crack in rear housing?

    If this needs to be moved to a different thread by all means please do. Just wasn't sure where to put it, since it's not real technical. Anyway I have some what seem to be cracks in the rear housing , and was wondering if anyone has seen similar? It certainly has me a little concerned, but it...

    Cracking Shinkos

    I noticed some cracking on my front shinko. They are very tiny, hairline cracks. They seem to only be in the center groove, the rest of the tire looks fine. The tires were purchased in May and only have around 1K miles on them. I purchased them from Motorycycle Superstore. Anyone has a...
  7. EvilD

    Geico = Crack Addicts?

    My online quote was $900 for 3 cars, about what i pay with another carrier who i want to drop, they call me and tell me there is sombody else on a claim, no idea who it is (this only comes up with Geico), than they tell me becasue of 2 tickes(stop sign and cell phone) and a minor accident(less...
  8. Bill Seward

    Crack Seizure


    Coil on crack

    ONE OF MY UNDERSEAT COILS HAS CRACKED RECENTLY 2 inches long underside cannot tell if it goes all the way through the imitation bakelite substance yam calls plastic or it is surface OHM STILL READING 3.6 At 20 degrees celcius 70f fed up spending money at this point silicone it and pray...
  10. firefly

    Can you crack the frame doing this! Click on the play button at the bottom left corner, I too had a hard time playing it. enjoy ________ roor bong pictures