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  1. johnblaid

    Starting Motorcycle Gang in DFW and surrounding

    I am going to start a motorcycle gang. We require you to have a VMax instead of a Harley. The name of the Gang is "The Codgers of Irony" Sort of like "The Sons of Anarchy" but all different. PM Me if you want to join. We will mostly cook ribs and drink beer but we may occasionally terrorize...
  2. T

    99 Stage 7 for Sale DFW Need Gone ASAP

  3. Vee4DFW

    VMAX DFW Metroplex

    Looking for others in the North Dallas area. I know of two regular riders down in the Plano/Allen/McKinney area. One of them lives in Mckiinney and lives/breathes 80's muscle bikes. The other has a burnt orange beast with supertrapps. Looking for more to attend bike nights at Twin Peaks. I get...
  4. Jayhawk

    Calamari in DFW

    Warning: No professional riders or closed courses were used in the production of this video. Fox story on squids in Dallas
  5. ZRX/V-MAX

    Any interest in a DFW Wrenching party at my Place?

    I'm a bit south of the Metroplex in Ennis, but easy to get to via 287 from Ft. Worth or 45 from Dallas. I was going to tear into my Frontend and do some brake and control upgrages, as well as change tires. I have a decently stocked toolbox, and can mount and balance tires as well. I live...
  6. Hatter

    Good looking MAX for sale in DFW

    Ran across this on Cycletrader. http://www.cycletrader.com/find/listing/2000-YAMAHA-VMAX-94157568
  7. Jayhawk

    VMaxers in DFW

    Come on, guys...there's got to be a spot in the Metromess where VMaxes gather regularly for...something. If not, then we need to start something, as there's gonna be more VMax fans come the fall/winter. Where? When? If there's not a current gathering spot, I'll throw out a few...
  8. dwardtxusa

    DFW Area Toy Run 23 annual

    DFW Vmaxers this Sunday there is a ride in Midlothian. There will be alot of Cruisers there. See attached flier. Hope to see you there.
  9. dwardtxusa

    DFW ride Saturday

    I am planning a ride this Saturday. It will be on the route posted on twisty roads. Plan on meeting at Kim and Jenney's in Midlothian for breakfast at 8:00 Am and hitting the road at 9:00. Starting point is only a few miles away from Midlothian. Should be back in the metro area a little after...
  10. Jayhawk

    Good dealers in DFW area?

    If I'm not able to find that sweet deal on a good used V-Max pretty soon, I'll end up with a new bike. Having not dealt with any local Yamaha dealers, I thought maybe some users in the area would be able to recommend a good dealer, including one with service guys that know their stuff on the...