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  1. frank5079

    Motorcyclist kicks car door...

    and the guy in the car tries to side swipe the motorcyclist but ends up losing control of his car and causes a chain reaction crash....
  2. blaxmax

    Tool Box Door

    Does someone have a pic of where this piece goes? Thanks. I know it's under the seat but does it go on the rear seat?
  3. P

    Barn door windshield

    RIFLE CLASSIC CRUISER WINDSHIELD. $300 new. $150 shipped to Cont US.
  4. Miles Long

    do do do.....lookin' out my garage door

    and there ain't no "happy creatures playin' on the lawn" This is not supposed to happen! It's SPRING! Great cooler, though. Cheers!
  5. VegasVMax

    Garage door opener

    Opening the garage door just got easier. I spent the morning installing a remote garage door opener on my 05. I started with a skylink universal garage door opener that I ordered off eBay. You could probably get away with any opener but I like this one because its small so its easy to hide. I...
  6. F

    Knock on the door?

    On my way home and I drove by a house, maybe two miles at most away from me, with a shiny Gen1 Vmax sitting in the drive way. I was damn near tempted to pull a U turn and knock on the door lol.
  7. V

    Garage Door Remote Switch

    I can't even count the number of garage door remotes I've lost while riding my vmax. Does anyone here have suggestions how to mount a remote switch on the bike to open a garage door?
  8. rebar

    Damn garage door spring!

    Letting off some steam here. God damn spring on my garage door snapped and not sure how long until I can get one bought and installed.. Takes two people to muscle it open now. :bang head::bang head::bang head::bang head:
  9. Bogie

    New Motorcyle Garage Door Opener!!

    :rofl_200: :rofl_200: :rofl_200: :rofl_200:
  10. Jaoteay

    Garage Door Opener

    Now maybe I'm just lazy, but I've gotten tired to getting off my bike to open my garage door. And I've tried having an opener in my jacket.... but, sometimes it gets turned around and with gloves on it's hard to push the button. (Someone recently did something like this on the VMOA tech list...
  11. eatatjoz

    Genie/Overhead door Motorcycle remote.

    I do garage doors and openers for a living. From time to time, I hack remotes for my customers that have motorcycles. (biker friendly business you know) I thought some of you may get some use of this, so here it is. This will focus on the Genie and "Overhead door" brand openers, simply...