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  1. M

    Parts For Sale F.S 2007 Vmax stock exhaust

    Hello Group, I have a 2007 stock exhaust in "good" condition (slight scratches on one exhaust tip due to zero speed drop) make offer , Pick up only Pittsburgh, Pa Thank you. Mike
  2. S

    Parts Wanted Looking for Hard bags, voodoo exhaust + mid pipe, windshield for Gen 2 VMax

    Looking to see if anyone is selling thei exhaust system, bags & windshield. Also, recommended crash bars/sliders for Gen2.
  3. watcherx305

    Taming the Beast. (Exhaust DB Help)

    I purchased my Vmax with many Morley-Mods (Stg 7 Jet, airbox mod, Oil breather etc) and one of them was a a full Voodoo 4-into-1 exhaust system and Megaphone, Sigh! End pipe is already wrapped in fiberglass and its still loud AF. Is there anything I can do to the megaphone to quiet down...
  4. thanos

    Akrapovic Full Exhaust with Headers GEN2

    Hello, question: Anyone knows if I will need Map for Full Akrapovic exhaust with Akrapovic Titanium Collector? Or the bike works without issues? With buffle or not? Thanks.
  5. K

    Parts For Sale VMAX Cat 4 Sale

    Hello to my fellow riders. Over the weekend I have completed my stage 1 upgrades and I have a spare cat laying around if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who is. I forgot to pull mileage from it before I went for a ride after, at most 6700miles. I've no clue how much it will cost me to...
  6. T

    Parts For Sale Gen 2 ECU/ECM exhaust rear wheel for sale

    Hello friends, It's springtime 2022 time for some shop clean out. I will remove this post when items are sold. I refuse to throw these out!!! I have OEM parts for sale 1. Yamaha VMAX 1700 gen 2 ECM ECU computer stock. It has never been tampered with works as new. Vmax 1700 vmx1700 Computer ECM...
  7. santhyago

    Catalizer replacement

    Hi, Vmaxers, What is the best (recommended) replacement for catalizer, when you're looking for performance and sound? Thanks!
  8. C

    Cheap exhaust

    Bought what I thought were "slip-ons" - under $500 so no complaints. But they were NOT slip-ons; they required that the cat(s) and EXUP be removed and THEN slipped on. I have an easier solution: simply remove the stock (UGLY) mufflers and weld on some chrome tips, available at any muffler shop
  9. Joe Planter

    Proper way to rebuild carbs?

    Hello, I just bought my 1994 VMAX for $2300. After having some issues with it idling (which i figured out and solved) I tore apart the carbs and rebuilt them and in the process damaged them by pounding out the brass pieces that the float valves sit in. Long story short I ordered new carbs and am...
  10. C

    Exhaust clearance

    Today I mounted a 4-2-1 Hindle exhaust on my 89 max. It’s a used exhaust and I don’t think they make the same model anymore. Either way I got it all bolted up with no problem. But after it was done I noticed one of the front headers is touching the radiator drain valve. Anyone have any similar...
  11. D

    Looking to trade kerker 4-2-1 for a 4-2 system - SOLD!

    i have a Kerker 4-2-1 system on my 98 and I prefer the look of pipes on both sides of the bike. I can add money if someone has a quad system or something still loud-ish with nice pipes on both sides of the bike. I’m also okay with outright buying a new or used setup or outright selling mine...
  12. Matt murphy

    Gen 2 header pipe wanted

    looking for a rh oem header pipe for my vmax, just wondering if anyone has one or know where I can get one, will all the full systems fitted on some bikes would be hoping there would be a few floating around or a used full system. Any help would be appreciated
  13. O

    Non-sportbike exhaust

    Has anyone found or installed any non-sportbike looking exhaust? I havent been able to find anything, just looking for something different.
  14. drdyno

    OOPs!.. I spilled my beautiful Max!

    I have (had) a nearly perfect example 2005 until I lowsided it in December. Only minor damages to the tune of 2100$. Hagerty paid promptly on my zero-deductible and now I'm having difficulty locating some of the parts I need for this one. In particular, the original right side crash bar with the...
  15. S

    Convert stock exhaust to slip-ons?

    I recently got a reinforced rear fork on my 93 that doesn't fit with the stock exhaust. I put on slip-ons which are allright but I like the stock exhaust look better. Would it be possible to take the stock exhaust and cut the middle section (cat?) out and weld things back together to create two...
  16. U

    Maxflow StreetPro 4-2 Exhaust w/ MegZilla Mufflers

    New in box, I bought it a wile back and ended up not using it as my max needed a ton of work and decided against doing it. This is one of the first Megzillas made after the transition form UFO to Star Rider Performance. UFO called it the "John Pandure" exhaust I beleive. Anyways it's big, it's...
  17. F

    FS: highway pegs, billet exhaust inserts, tailbag

    **Generation 2 ** So the highway pegs came from that guy from Australia who sells them on Facebook - rode once with them and decided they weren’t for me (comes with all hardware). Tailbag has no hardware and previous owner polished the aluminum top plate. The muffler inserts have been used...
  18. M

    Black stock exhaust from low miles 98

    Upgraded to a muscle exhaust and have no need for this anymore. Asking $200+shipping for all. Would prefer to not ship. Live by Edwardsville, IL. If you'd pick up, I'd be willing to give a discount. Text Justin 314-312-3142
  19. Wyatearp71

    Factory Tool Kit and Exhaust End Plates

    Looking for Gen 1 factory tool kit and the rear end trim plates for the rear of the exhaust pipes (what most remove for the factory exhaust mod). Thank you! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  20. L

    Rear Exhaust Covers - With Kerker

    I am working on a new to me 85 vmax, It has a Kerker full exhaust system and the pipes are a bit rusty where they attach. I just noticed that there is an OEM cover that normally covers this section, question is: do these still work with aftermarket exhaust? I am trying to determine if I...