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  1. Kronx

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Saw this story today and I know we got some EMTs here and I suspect we probably got some law enforcement as well. The way I understand this story is the police were chasing a car. That car crashed into a semi truck. The truck driver is at the hospital unconscious. The police want his blood...
  2. T

    Please Explain What He Means...

    In the carb synch procedure, I don't understand what the presenter means. I highlighted the part in yellow below, and attached a picture... "Hook the sync tool hoses to the nipples. Left-rear is cylinder 1, left-front 2, right-rear 3 and right-front is cylinder 4. See the tape on the hoses...
  3. Falaholic

    Please explain to me the oil light

    The other day I rolled into 3rd gear, topping it out. It was night time, and I noticed that my oil light came on. Pulled over, checked fluid level, and oil level was at max. Funny how this happened as I only rolled into 3rd, but when I launch, I never seem to get the oil light to come on...
  4. P

    eh? cant explain it? advice

    Right I have gotten my tcat wheel on with a 0.05mm.difference from side to side so very happy with it next I put my discs on and measured where the disc sitsnon the wheel again I see the 0.05mm difference finally I fit my blue spot calipers and only 1 side needs adjustment by 1.5mm I cant...
  5. M

    Can somebody explain what air correctors are?

    I have been reading about them that they need to be used with a modded air box or if running just the filters. I tried searching for pictures but didn't find any. So what are they for?
  6. slowpoke

    explain this to me

    i know tuning an exhaust is important but im not sure how this made such a huge difference.i went from a ufo quadzilla full exhaust to a kerker 4 into 1 which had the street baffle in it. i immediately noticed a bit better mid range than before but wasnt enough to write home about. fast forward...
  7. nstyn8

    Can Anyone Explain This?!

    So I installed a bigger battery the diehard one from sears that sean recomended in the battery upgrade thread. Then I installed the R1 R/R and now when the RR is connected to the battery I get 12 volts at the battery but when I disconnect the RR and check voltage at the terminal that is suppose...

    Can someone please explain in simple terms

    Hi All, I am expecting my carbs back from Sean someday soon and when they get here I will have to make sure they are in sync, I bought a Carbtune Pro and after reading it I'm a bit confused. Me being confused is not strange because I am now just starting to learn how to work on my own VMAX...
  9. Shuriken

    Describe / Explain your avatar...

    I'd like to start a thread on Avatars. Please describe / explain your avatar image.
  10. clintard

    Venture Differential Swap, Can Someone Explain?

    Guys, Ive ready about swapping the differential for one off a venture. I was wondering if anyone could explain some things about doing this. First off, with a stock tire and rim, how would it effect your rpms and gas milage and speed? Secondly, i dont like the look of the diff, can you...