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  1. CaptainKyle

    85 frame with title

    85 frame with clean open TN title one of the tabs for the center stand has been cut off. I do have it & can weld it back on if wanted. This is for the care frame no wiring etc. $ 200 plus shipping or I can deliver it to Thunder. PLease email not PM [email protected]
  2. henrysgmc

    Frame Braces

    Weld in Frame Braces never used them. $185.00 or best offer. Text me if interested 845-283-6593
  3. Osiris

    Frame brace vibration.

    I installed some frame braces yesterday. It did tighten up the bike and made the handling a bit better. I do have a bit more vibration now. Is this normal? Is there anything that I can do to cut down on the vibration? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  4. I

    Frame with title, can be damaged one

    Hi, I am located in Europe and have a '06 Vmax with less than 6000 miles on the clock. It is a pity to say, but have document issues and the local authorities decided to remove my bike's registration. Anyway, I need preferably a damaged frame hopefully from similar year of production like my...
  5. Osiris

    Looking to buy Frame supports

    Looking for frame support / braces , black is prefered but not a must.
  6. K

    Complete STRAIGHT frame

    I have title as well. Probably want to arrange for a pickup. I am located in Eastern Nebraska just west of Omaha. $250. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. C

    Wanted left hand frame cover on yoke

    Wanted the plastic cover for the left hand side of the yoke which covers the cables
  8. C

    Plastic frame cover

    I am after the left hand plastic cover which hides the cables by the yoke below tank and above air intakes.In UK
  9. I

    frame with title and plates from Europe

    I am in a need for a cheap frame with title / documents preferable from Europe since I am located in Sofia, Bulgaria. My bike is 2006, but would consider any year. Crashed, damaged frames for cheap is the best option for me. Prefer them from Europe otherwise I need to pay a lot for shipping and...
  10. B

    Frame Rust '98

    As I was putting my exhaust back on I saw some rust on the bottom of the frame a few inches behind the sidestand. Can I just have a gusset plate welded over it? It is a 20yr old scooter I don't think I want to find a frame and swap it out. Included some snapshots. Thanks in advance.
  11. M

    FS: Emulators, Frame Braces, R1 Calipers, MORE!

    Selling off some accumulated Gen1 parts to fund another project. All are in very good or brand new condition. Prices do not include USPS shipping (CONUS only please). 1. OEM frame braces w/weld-on mounts, BRAND NEW never mounted $100 2. VooDoo billet adjustable kickstand, BRAND NEW...
  12. effingidiot

    1994 frame-2001 frame

    My new project is an unregistered 1994 1200 vmax,i was thinking of doing a nut and bolt job.I can get my hands on a 2001 frame with v5,can anyone tell me iff the frames are the same.Cheers.
  13. Lotsokids

    Engine Protection - Frame Sliders Proven!

    I sold a Yamaha FJ 1200 to a friend a couple years ago. I installed some frame sliders just because I wanted a little more protection in case I went down. Well, this morning he rode to work and I noticed the right side was scuffed up. He dropped it. Seems the slider took the brunt of the fall...
  14. M

    ISO Straight frame, no title needed.

    Got some damage to my frame that I may not be able to repair for my chaindrive bobber/dragbike project. I am willing to use my clean title and vin. I just need a straight main frame title not important.
  15. Hijinx1812

    Brand new sportmax frame braces -SOLD-

    I've got a set of brand new, never installed sportmax frame braces for sale. I bought them last fall and decided to go a different route. These are weld on top, bolt on bottom, silver powder coated. The design makes them ultra stiff and the braces can be removed to service your motor. Visit the...
  16. C

    Frame bolts breaking Need Help

    To date I have broke two left side forward crash bars. They are shearing on the upper mounting area and have sheared three 12 millimeter bolt nuts that bolt the lower part of crash guards. I also just notice the right side crash bar is ready to break at upper mounting area with cracks. I know...
  17. jwood

    WANTED: frame Braces for a 99

    Looking for a set of frame braces for a Gen 1 .... Please pm if you can help....
  18. S

    Frame cutting and reassembly

    Ok guys...I'm running out of ideas to get a new frame. International shipping is out of the question for a full frame. However...I am planning on a uk trip soon. So...cutting up and rewelding a frame. If I was to make careful measured cuts in straight sections I could just bring home the...
  19. S

    Frame weight

    Please could someone tell me the weight of a max frame less the lower removable frame rail ? I might be able to bring one back with me from the uk. Thanks.
  20. rusty

    Vmax windshield frame

    Windshield frame polished with hardware/ $60.00 bucks/ Free shipping for USA/ Get a new plastic here--->