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  1. K

    LOOKING!!! DYMAG CH3 front wheel from 06 VMAX

    Hello all, I am in need of a CH3 DYMAG front wheel for my VMAX. I have been looking everywhere and I am having no luck. Any help or if anyone can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  2. S

    Front Fork Care

    Hi all, As winter ebbs and spring approaches, I cannot but help notice the toil the years past has taken on my ‘88 VMAX. The from the forks are pitting - she’s spent last 2- months in the garage because of personal issues but previously was washed and cleaned weekly. Any recommendations for...
  3. 93max

    Front brake help

    Ok it does work BUT when I pull lever in it goes fine the seems to bind or stick then it seems to get past it with more pressure the front will dive under hard braking. What should I look for? A piston maybe sticking in the caliper or maybe something in the MC ? Any help would be appreciated ?
  4. Poolio

    02 front wheel

    Looking fo a polished front wheel for my 02. Have a freshly coated silver one and a black one. I want a polished one
  5. Poolio

    Front swap

    Has anyone swapped out the front forks and used the ohlins from a Ducati? Curious if I had a set of trees made for it if there would be any issues. Length, spring rate because of the bikes weight difference. Love the look of an inverted front end and the gold look from Ducati
  6. Kassper

    180mm (or close) Front Wheel

    I am looking to turn the max into a "steam roller." I've been searching for a while and haven't found anything yet. I'm not sure where to source the wheel itself needed for this. Before I go through all the work of designing and building the triple trees and brake caliper adapter I'd like to...

    Front fork air

    I'm new to this Vmax world and appreciate any advice I can get. I went to check the air pressure level in my front forks. The max I just picked up is a 1986. I find one air valve only and it is on the side of the left (drivers side) fork tube. There is not another matching valve on the other...
  8. Trondyne

    Front Coils

    Hey Guys, How difficult is it to get to the front coils? It looks like a nightmare... I have limited space to work on the bike, mainly on the street... This doesn't lend itself well to anything too complicated and my motorcycle mechanic skill level isn't exactly an A+... I was...
  9. Piercems3

    2005 vmax front end handling

    I am the proud new owner of a mint 2005 vmax with only 5,000 miles on it. I was hoping for some opinions regarding the front end handling on this motorcycle. I have mostly ridden sport bikes, or sport standards. I currently have a Triumph Thruxton, Ducati 996S also in the stable, so I...
  10. S

    front crossovr brace 1996 up

    Hi, I had to put in a 96 motor in my 89 max. The front crossover brace/ horn mount I have will not fit the flat style oil filters. Does someone have this brace they will part with? I will also have early style brace for spin on filter available. Thanks Tom
  11. CaptainKyle

    85 front wheel

    85 Front wheel with almost new metzler & rotors the wheel is pretty clean & the rotors have just been painted. $ 150 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  12. CaptainKyle

    85-92 Front end

    Complete 85-92 Front end in nice shape seals were not leaking or anything. I just took it off the bike this week. $ 200 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  13. jasncab

    Front forks rough - how much spacer is normal?

    Hi everyone. Redid my front forks. Followed the Clymer and Sean's videos as far as fluid. '85 stock forks. 1. Are the stock springs tapered at the top? (they look like a progressive spring would. Is that stock)? 2. How much spacer sticks out from top? Unloaded how much spacer is out at the...
  14. A

    Foreign object in front left cylinder

    Quick question here is it possible to lift front cylinder head about 1 centimetre (with the engine in the frame)to remove something that has dropped through the spark plug hole into the front left cylinder (yes through my own stupidity☹) have tried magnets and endoscopes .:ummm: Would...
  15. CaptainKyle

    93 up chrome front end.

    Please email not pm [email protected] Complete late model front end all chrome with progressive springs . The handle bar risor is flaking underneath the speedometer you can not really see it when the speedometer is mounted. I do not have a chrome turn signal crown. This is for the...
  16. jdeitz1979

    91 front parts for grabs

    I’m getting rid of my stock wheel with a one season shinko tire. Stock front calipers Drilled rotors Forks and triples Stock fork brace/fender mount Fender 4 stock coil packs If anyone is interested in any of those items let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. B

    Front brake lockups

    The front brakes on my '06 have locked up twice in the last 6 months. First time was in September. Before it happened I noticed that the brake lever had very little travel. So I changed the brake fluid and took it to a slow residential street to test. After several uses the brake got tight...
  18. A

    Front brake caliper diaphragm

    Front brake reservoir diaphragm Front brake reservoir diaphragm ,,lost after rebuild ,, needed asap pleeeease
  19. E

    R1 front forks question

    Hi all: I just bought a set of 1998 Yamaha R1 front forks and am working on installing them onto my '89 VMax. (The triple tree I had on my old set of USD forks works fine, btw.) Here's my problem: Sadly, the R1 forks do not have the speedometer sensor lock on the fork lower like the...
  20. effingidiot

    front coils secondary resistance.

    Do you have to remove the front ign coils to test the secondary resistance,or can you remove the plug cap and test them through the HT lead.