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  1. Buster Hymen

    -> server down for maintenance <-

    The forum will be down ---- JULY 10TH AT 10 PM E.S.T. ---- for ABOUT 4 TO 6 HOURS for maintenance and disk mirroring. This should be the last major project on the server. Cache your favorite threads now and you can pretend the forum is still up! :rofl_200:
  2. T

    How to oil a K&N, since the air filter has an inside -> out flow pattern?

    Some had previously installed a K&N in my '03 and ridiculously overoiled it. I pulled it, cleaned the airbox, and am going to re-oil the filter. Problem is, as far as I can tell, air flow goes from the inside of the filter to the outside. If I oil the outside of the filter, won't that...
  3. gamorg02

    Utica -> Pittsburgh

    I'm riding Utica to Pittsburgh on Friday and back on Sunday. 2 questions. 1. anyone who is going on that run and along the route want to meet up and ride in? 2. Anynoe who isn't going on that ride but is along the route want to meet up ride with for a bit? lemme know.
  4. Lotsokids

    Another Bike --> FJ1200

    So i'm still here in Hungary for a few more years, and I HAD to have a [real] bike, so I bought a 1988 Yamaha FJ1200. I got it for about $2,000. Anything over 600cc here gets really expensive. I saw only 1 V-Max in the country, and it was a first-gen for $12,000. This thing runs really good...
  5. Buster Hymen

    --> Attention Ontario riders! <--

    Who's going on this ride to Canton ( the pizza run) http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=9261 ? I want to get an idea of how many are going down.
  6. R

    Wraith -> photoshop challenge!

    what a bike , eh "take me to your leader.."
  7. Bill Kratzenberg

    WOW > check this out!

  8. Buster Hymen

    -> Software upgrade coming up <-

    I want to upgrade the forum software which will mean some down time of the forum so I thought I'd see when would be the best time for some of you forum junkies so there is no withdrawl pains! LOL! :D It will probably be down for about 4 hours so I thought sometime just after Christmas, when you...
  9. Buster Hymen

    MikeMax04 -> Holy BIG pipes!!

    You can suck small children into those things! Nice Caddy lights too!:punk0000: