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  1. J

    2007 for sale - Houston

    2007 vmax Clearly not any interest here since everyone already owns a VMAX. Pulling it, revisit in the fall.

    Anyone else in the houston metro or gulf coast area

    I suspect my bike has a lower temp tstat or a stuck open - no tstat at all , being the temp gauge only moves 10% at full operating temp at highway and heavy traffic speeds needle never goes more than just a bit 5-10% instead of 1/2 way wich I would think is norm op temp of course the fan dosent...
  3. S

    Houston Texas

    Just moved here about 3 months ago so I'm new to the area. Looking for someone to show me where all the good rides are, as right now I just drive up and down highway 6 so I don't get lost. :biglaugh: If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks
  4. maleko89

    Heavily modded '88 FS in Houston

    I'm listing this for a buddy, Don Smith from Houston, TX. Due to recent health, been advised to not ride anymore. So after 27 years with bike I am selling my max. I am asking 7K. Motor alone cost more than 10K. Bought it new in '88. 1327 with 12.8-1 compression, 0-4 cams, 39mm Keihen FCR's...
  5. shane_desselle

    Houston Vmax owners?

    Are there any Vmax owners in the houston area? I live in Baytown/Mont Belvieu and I'm in need of the use of a carbtune if there's anyone nearby that can lend me one and show me how to work it. My cell phone # is 8324368644.
  6. K

    Black '85 in Houston area

    Black '85 in Knoxville, TN area - SOLD $2,600. 36,6XX miles. Cobra pipes, Corbin one-piece with gel pad insert, integrated smoked taillight, Holeshot parade fan, blacked out motor, new battery, removable Memphis Shades windscreen. Runs great. VIN-XX3506 Text or call 281-814-2467 for...
  7. Fire-medic

    Indy car crash at Houston Sunday 10-6-13

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FmrmuZDcEvA Dario Franchitti injured when a driver loses control in-front of him, and Dario demolishes his car. He is OK, injured back & ankle. going to be out for awhile. It happened at the race's end.
  8. J

    Any recommendation for VMAX repair in Houston?

    New sound on the bike that sounds like a valve issue. Does anyone have an independent or dealer that they have been happy with in Houston? Thanks.
  9. C

    NW Houston gathering

    Ok, people everyone has been driving me nuts since I had the last annual Benders Bash (Sep 2011). Of course many of them can not wait until then so it was brought to my attention that they all demanded another one but this time in the spring! Soooooo.....here we go, May 19, Spring Texas I...
  10. rusty

    Whitney Houston dies at 48

  11. mavgrab302

    Houston area

    I was wanting to see if anyone here lived in or around Houston? I live in Conroe, east of the woodlands and ride pretty much any chance I get but have only met on vmax rider.
  12. mavgrab302

    Who lives Around Houston

    I've met two people so far riding around here that own Vmaxs, just curious to see if anyone on here lives around Conroe or houston with a vmax
  13. train460

    South Central (Houston) tech day March 27th

    We always have a tech day before all our rallies and this year is no differant. We have had as many as 25+ bikes show up at our house to just hang and shoot the bull, watch some wrench turning and turn some wrenches themselves. food and drinks will be served, Should be warm enough to swim in...
  14. Rusty McNeil

    linky for any one near Houston.

  15. Rusty McNeil

    Houston motorcycle chase-Cool Video

  16. train460

    Houston TX area

    Have a good group of v-maxers near Houston Texas here is a link to our local V-max group http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/V-Max_Houston/ we try to get a ride together every month or more and have a tech day every couple months. in the area give me a shout.