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  1. 88vmx12

    Inverted forks

    Guys I had Sean Morley put together a front-end for me. The catch was I wanted radial brakes. I had been thinking of doing the inverted forks for a long, in short I wish I had done this year's ago. I had progressive springs and thought it was pretty decent along with Galfer rotors and huyabusa...
  2. C

    Busa inverted forks on a Vmax

    Hey guys so the journey continues towards making the Vmax a modern of my front shocks is almost gone so there are now two possibilities. Either I rebuild the shocks or (according to my main man and mechanic) slap a pair of Busa inverted forks on the old Vmax. It so happens that I...
  3. 1967vmax

    Inverted Frontend Yes or No

    Hey any info on pros and cons on doing an inverted frontend on my max. My current setup is stock frontend all chrome yzf 6 piston calipers with ebc wave rotors with progressive springs. My setup rides and handles great.But i really like the looks of the inverted setup. My concern is the 2 inch...
  4. mavgrab302

    cheapest inverted fork conversion

    Going to see if there is a conversion out there that I haven't seen yet, the cheapest inverted fork conversion kit I've seen so far is from for around $1300. So anyone find a cheaper one?
  5. T

    I have inverted front end with 2 inch extention--NEED HELP PLEASE!

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a sweet looking 2001 VMAX fully customized. It came with inverted Yamaha warrior triple tree and forks, and has 2 inch extension...the problem I have is the extension leaking oil and seems to be loose. took it to Yamaha dealer and was told that I need to replace it...
  6. firefly

    Racetech vs inverted forks

    How much of an improvement are inverted forks over racetech springs & emulators. I do have racetech and have no idea what inverted forks will have on handling compared to my current setting.