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  1. Hijinx1812

    Web bike Japan

    This should definitely go in the vendors section, but if you're looking for some great deals on parts check out web bike Japan. Their prices are and shipping are cheap and they give you a discount code for registering with them. I ordered an Over Racing brake torque arm from them and paid $90.52...
  2. donnelly317

    All of them come from Japan WTF!

    I want to get the fly shield for the max but all of them come from japan on ebay!! does anyone know where I can buy them from where they ship within the USA!! wish there we AMERICAN made! lol Ill talk to my local Yamaha dealer see what he can get them for but this is what I was thinking...
  3. Bill Seward

    Japan Earthquake parts availability?

    So anyone hear if the Harley-Davidson(tm) factory is suffering from any parts shortages due to the quake?
  4. O

    Lovin' my new 2010 Vmax in Japan

    Hello All...I'm lovin' my new 2010 Vmax here in Japan. I've had it 3 months now. The stock model in Japan is detuned to 150 bhps and a speed gov of 185 kph. However, I put in the Yamaha Race ECU (shop mechanic switched the wires to make it US spec), a Power Commander V, and full V&H CS One...
  5. vmaxcruzer

    Parts from Japan

    Anyone have the low down on these rear sets? http://www.motobike.jp/product/209
  6. gunrunner

    Silver 09 at auction in Japan .

    Having imported mine from Japan , this is the first 09 gen2 Vmax i have seen come up for auction there . Grade 5 condition (showroom) , only 3000kms starting at 110000yen (2400USD)
  7. KJShover

    Check out eBay Japan's bikes

    Some evil looking trikes. http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w39067976 http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h129816736 http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g75506264 http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m64005430
  8. gunrunner

    getting rid of japan speed restriction

    I am in the process of importing a max. A 2LTNOOWA , the guy im dealing thru informs me that it is a Vboost V4 143hp model but all jap models are restricted to 180kph . Is there anyway round this?:hmmm:
  9. R

    japan only vmax?

    hey boys..check this out.... go down the page till you get to yamaha stuff: http://www.motorcycle.com/events/32nd-tokyo-motorcycle-show-1797.html I quote:" Yamaha is using their acquisition of Ohlins to the fullest, equipping their new V-Max special with a set of Sweden's finest. Other...
  10. Redux

    Are mechanics in Japan Gorillas?

    Man o' man. I just got my OEM case guards to install. The left one went on smoothly. The right side had a bunch of torque installed (from the factory) on the higher of the two replacement bolts. The sheet said to torque the new bolt to 33 NM. No way the old one was that tight. I got it off but...