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  1. Kronx

    I wouldn't want to follow this kid in a talent show...

    If you're a Rush fan like myself, I think you'll REALLY appreciate this. If you're not a Rush fan, I think you will also appreciate it. But can you imagine the kid that had to follow her? I'd be like "Eff it, just give the trophy to her. I'm gonna go home and practice more."...
  2. Kronx

    What an amazing kid!

    Ok at first you think this kid maybe memorized a page of a manual or something, but then you keep watching and realize "Nope, I think this kid could really fly this plane."
  3. B

    New Kid

    Came home from the dealer with a new baby the other day. My new daily driver. Can't wait for the break in period to be done with
  4. Kronx

    I'm a 43 yr old kid...

    I'm somewhat embarrassed, but if my grandfather was alive, I know he'd be saying in his South Mississippi drawl "Boy, you are ate up with that motorcycle." So I saw the Best Wife Ever Award thread last week which I thought was an awesome gift. But once I read that thread the kid in me...
  5. Bill Seward

    The kid that appropriated my Vmax!

    At 2 days old...
  6. bazwell

    Our newest foster kid.

    One of our foster kids got adopted today. This is Jethro. It's so sad seeing them go. I wanted to keep him forever. He's just a pup, 4 months old, and is 15kg. I fed him a whole bag full of jelly beans before they came to look at him, but they still took him.
  7. dtoebaert-5311

    new kid on the block How come I never heard of Confederate Motorcycles? Does anyone have some background info?
  8. MR_NST

    Just had my first kid!!!!!

    sept 28 23:59 Stensen Bjorklund!!!!! mom and kid are well. after 11 hours of labour we had an emerg c section. all is good but mom is beat up. Ive got a boy... fuck yea!!!! peace, evan....
  9. mattness

    cop almost arrests kid for doing burnout, very lucky this thing aint got no hemi!! rather than take you in son I'm just gonna teach you a lesson!
  10. Bill Kratzenberg

    Take your kid to work day

    Remember Thursday is take your kid to work day.
  11. Bill Kratzenberg

    guess which kid's in trouble

  12. Max01red

    Is this someones kid on here??

    this kid is oing to be great once he gets a bike with a little bike: