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  1. V

    vmax 1700 launch 0-200

    Hi Guys n Girls, I just bought a vmax gen 2. I have owned a few gen 1s before. Awesome bike especially since its brakes work now! launch: Going through a few roundabouts: If you guys have any...
  2. schudaddie

    beta launch

    "Welcome to Morley's Muscle! This website is currently in Beta Launch!" how much longer for the beta launch? It's been a long time since your new site started and looks great. :punk:would like to shop around but not much to look at. later, bill
  3. C

    Launch Control....

    I might be doing this to mine. Not 100% sure, since its more of a street bike. This would be a cool option for a Gen 2 also. A cool 2 step for a gen 1 would be fun at the track also. Its a pain trying to hold 4200 rpm to launch.
  4. rusty

    Amazing Rocket launch
  5. srk468

    Testing my launch limiter

    I see epic burnouts next year!! lol sent from my HTC Rezound using tapatalk
  6. KJShover

    KTM to launch 185hp Duke .
  7. Jayhawk

    How's your launch technique?
  8. gofast68

    MSD Launch LImiter

    I wanted to post up on my experience with the MSD Launch limiter. I contacted MSD first to see if it would work and the best answer I could get is that, "It should." Well, I went and bought the 4350 part number and went to splicing. Essentially, the short version of the instructions are that...
  9. Bogie

    09 R1 launch report videos

    More too come!! :rock :cool
  10. Jayhawk

    Honda set to launch V5 Interceptor

    Yep, a V5: Linkage
  11. C

    How to launch the VMax

    :bang head:Anyone have the perfect technique to launching the vmax. Tips to launch a Stock V-max? Tips to launch a supercharged v-max? Tips in general? I have heard to bring rpms to about 6,000 on a stock vmax. then load the clutch slightly and release clutch firmly till engine bogs then...
  12. phesby

    2008 Yamaha Vmax confirmed for production and launch!

    From Raptors and Rockets today: "Yamaha have now confirmed that the Vmax will become reality shortly. The new Max will be a 2008 model and the launch will take place this Autumn. The Vmax will be offered to US and European riders first and the production will be split 50/50 from what we have...