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  1. Greg Lanz

    Oil Leak - oil filter bottoming out?

    I have had my 2003 Vmax since 2009 with nary an issue. Last fall I was in the midst of moving and drove the motorbike to the new house/garage. I think I went over a speed bump a bit fast and it felt like it bottomed out. A few days later I checked on the bike and for the first time ever...
  2. 407Jlew

    oil leaking onto exhaust pipe

    I have two VMaxs and both have oil leaking onto the exhaust pipes right behind the foot peg area. The oil starts to smoke after running for a few minutes. Almost looks like an exhaust leak at first. I haven't had time to dig into the issue yet but I was wondering if this is common and if anyone...
  3. D

    Banging my head over here

    Hello, everyone! Jon, here, again! I'll just get right to it. Back in November my 2007 Vmax was having some starting issues and I went back to school after the holidays so I didn't have more than a few hours a month to work on her. Summer is here, so I've got some free time. I have done as...
  4. Adrian2

    Oil leak

    This is the wire. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Adrian2

    Oil leak

    Hi all, there's a wire going into the back of the engine/clutch cover on the right hand side as your sitting on the bike (oil pressure maybe???) well after a ride out and parking it up on the centre stand overnight I come back to a small puddle of oil on the floor? Just wondering if anybody has...
  6. rzwanink

    Oil leak

    Hi all, I am camping with 2 minor oil leaks. See picture. One visible point of where oil is coming from is the rubber boot between the swingarm and engine. After a drive, Long or short. A couples of tiny drops of oil, 1 or 2, can be found underneed the bike. And a little bit of residu on the...
  7. spottedsquirl

    Coolant leak

    Hi everyone! I have an issue that started through the winter. First had a leak at the drain valve. I now have a new OEM tube installed. Now there is a leak where the tube goes into the engine block. I replaced the old o ring with a new one. The new o ring is a bit fatter than the old but didn't...
  8. Vmaxiow

    Blue smoke and oil leak

    Hi all. I was warming my max up the other day and after a minute or so blue smoke started coming out from around the engine. Not out the exhaust. It only lasted about 5 seconds or so and it was fine after. I took it out for a couple of hours no trouble at all. When I got home I noticed a bit of...
  9. R

    Fuel leak and white smoke

    Hi guys, the last time I had started my 2005 vmax was a couple of months ago. I started it today. Started fine. Left it running in the garage and went inside the house for some breakfast. Came back 15 min later, the bike was still running but there was a bunch of gas on the floor, and white...
  10. O

    Coolant leak in my 04

    Started dripping at the elbow joint lower right side. This is the tube that connects the engine to the radiator. Happened in Colorado on my trip. We put aluma seal in it along with a McGiverish section of bicycle inner tube cut to size and a hose clamp. Got home ok, but need to get an idea...
  11. S

    Vacuum Leak?

    Hi all, My bike has been running rough no matter what I do. When I try to tune the carbs, even with the restrictors, the indicators are really bouncy. Guy at a local shop listened to it and is pretty sure theres a vacuum leak. Thought I'd start by replacing the carb boots. Can anyone...
  12. radley

    Power Steering Leak on 2008 Honda Pilot

    so the lady i been hanging with for a while, well, of course I end up diagnosing/researching/fixing her ride, 08 Pilot. Been a good car, but recently sprung a bit of a power steering fluid leak. Thought maybe a bad seal in rack, like my Malibu had. Took a peek under hood, looked at pump, could...
  13. B

    Coolant leak after hose replacement 0n '98

    Like the title says I replaced the coolant hoses on my 98 vmax as they appeared to be original and were pretty sketchy. Bought some made in China silicone hoses as they were much cheaper than oem. Seemed to go well but I saw a drip at the large hose at the bottom of the radiator where it goes...
  14. ga_max

    Gas Leak (Non VMAX) Help

    My son got his first bike, a used 1997 suzuku katana 600. One of the things we did to get it ready for the road is to seal the gas tank (POR). Once we got everything back together we noticed a small gas leak coming from the drain where the sending unit to the fuel gauge is. I order new rubber...
  15. G

    oil leak

    Looking for helpful suggestions. I have a small leak from 2 cylinders, any suggestions on the cause, and is it ok to leave as is or does it need to be repaired. If repaired what would I need to do to fix this? Thanks, Glenn
  16. N

    Air Leak? Inlet Manifold

    Hi guys, I've been going over the Max recently, trying to get it running right... It was running great a few weeks ago after doing the shotgun, then a week later decided it didn't want to play, so checked all electric connections, coils etc and all good. I have a decent idle now BUT the revs...
  17. M

    Oil delivery pipe leak

    Finally done with engine rebuild . started the bike and got this leak on front cylinder oil delivery pipe. Was torqued to spec with new gaskets. just wondering[ if I need to simply change gasket or could banjo bolt or oil circuit be an issue?
  18. D

    Stator Cover Oil Leak

    Aloha everyone. Well, I just rebuilt my engine. I replaced all gaskets and o rings. Everything. For some reason, the stator cover is leaking from the removable insert cover you take off to look at the timing mark on the fly wheel. Not the screw in one, the cover mounted with two allen heads. All...
  19. D

    Coolant Res. drain hose leak.

    Aloha guys. Well, I just rebuilt the motor and it was running fine. On the first ride, saw the weep hole was leaking....so i rebuilt the water pump. Weep hole is good now. Filled her up with coolant and started her up. Got her hot and fan kicked on. I noticed some coolant on the ground right...
  20. G

    Water Pump Cover leak ?

    Noticed a small leak under bike, it's coming from the Water Pump Housing but it's tightened up well....what can I expect to find behind the cover ??? Expensive ?