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  1. steamer97

    Parts For Sale Carrozzeria forged wheels for Gen1

    $2,500 U.S.D. plus shipping for 18" x 3-1/2" front, 18" x 5-1/2" rear (spline drive for stock gen 1). Lightweight and strong highly polished forged aluminum.
  2. L

    Shift light

    [/IMG]I just installed a Raptor shift light to my '92 and really like it. It's been said that Gen 1 1200's should have the tach and speedo locations switched around so you don't have to look down to see the RPM's.
  3. A

    Oil light

    Ive noticed if I hammer out of a corner , the oil light comes on once in a while and also if I get up around 7 or 8 k in the revs. What could this be a sign of? The motor was rebuilt by pcw and has the upgraded oil system in it.
  4. Conman

    1 Red Light= Hot and Sputtering

    My bike cruises on the highway fine, with the temp gage just below the black dot, but in slow driving it heats up really quickly. If I come from a 55 to a long red light, I’ll go from below the black dot to most of the way to the first red line. My fan kicks on about half way between the dot and...
  5. Conman

    No Oil or Fuel Light on Startup

    The fuel and oil light do not light up when starting the bike. When I changed the oil and started the bike briefly to get oil in the filter the oil light still didn’t come on when the oil dipped below the sight glass. The bike runs with fuel “ON” but I’m beginning to doubt that reserve...
  6. P

    CBR tail light and inner fender.

    Went a different direction. Light is brand new and inner fender is already cut (so you don’t have to cut your original). $65 shipped to cont us.
  7. Fire-medic

    LED light fixtures for your shop at Costco

    I bought four of these last time they were on-sale at Costco, in early Dec, then they sold-out. They now have these online, I haven't been to the store to see if they are in-stock there. I am very pleased with the light output and ease of installation. They come with plug-in typical 120 volt...
  8. A

    Front Brake Light has me baffled.

    So the brake light comes on with the rear pedal. I have power to the front brake revoir micro switch. I also have power to the Y where the front and rear brakes meet. The factory crimp was in bad shape so I re soldered and it looks good. I get power from the front brake switch all the way...
  9. effingidiot

    Something light hearted.
  10. Regular Guy

    Tail light flickering

    Ok guys, fix one issue and another pops up. Maybe this one is no big deal but I noticed that my tail light flickers when I start the bike and grows brighter as I rev it up. It's a new LED tail light if that helps the diagnosis. I never noticed it before but I have the bike parked next to a wall...
  11. effingidiot

    CBR tail light

    Thinking of doing a rear light upgrade,is this the one i want.
  12. effingidiot

    nice light.
  13. Regular Guy

    Brake Light Question

    Hi guys, I am back with another question for y'all :rofl_200: I have bought a "flasher" for the brake light. It basically makes the brake flash fast a few times, then a long flash then steady. It's all in effort to be visible...
  14. T

    1999 Tail Light Lens

    Does anybody have a stock tail light lens they want to part with? My '99 lens lost one of those square reflectors that was glued into the left side. I guess those aren't a separate part normally... so if anyone upgraded to a clear tail lamp and doesn't need the stock red lens, please let me...
  15. mundmc

    Front brake light pressure sensor question

    I finally decided to address my leaking front reservoir by buying a Shondy Shindy 17-651 Silver Body/Silver Lever Brake Master Cylinder Kit after reading good reviews. The question: it doesn't have a brake light switch. Any...
  16. A

    Raptor shift light -SOLD-

    I have a same as new raptor shift lite with handle bar mount 75.00 shiped
  17. Fire-medic

    red light runners in FL

    Watching this made me cringe: What we have to put up with, it's people like this that make me not want to ride as-much. :confused2:
  18. KJShover

    Harlan shift light -SOLD-

    Harlan shift light with red LED's. $30, includes shipping in the US. Pulled it off of Archangel to use on the Beast, but the new Tach has a shift light with it. Works just fine and I've never had a problem with it. It doesn't have a bracket to go with it, sorry.
  19. vmaxed1989

    Led stop and tail light

    Taken seat reflector off my max and put in a led stop/tail and virtually plug and play Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. THMAX98

    seen the light

    Ta da ive seen the light after 5 years ive stepped out of the dark and sold my Kawasaki 1600 vulcan and returned to the light that is me 98 vmax the vulcan was a great bike did everything it was supposed to do but it just wasnt "fun".Now the vmax is bleeding in a couple of places one is down by...