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  1. P

    Gen 2 Lowering Link

    Has anyone ever installed a Voodoo Rear Lowering link ? Any tricks to it
  2. carrizog60

    custom slipons, link pipe or not?

    hello going to get price for a custom slip-ons, same look as stock. should i ask to make a link pipe or is something that is no worth the work(and price)? what does it affect? thanks
  3. frank5079

    Interesting link... Here was my response... "I have not had a speeding ticket since 1994 and it was only because the speedo on my dad's Alfa Romeo 164S...
  4. B

    Link for Decal Donation For Bill Warner

  5. J

    Anyone install UFO lowering link?

    So I'm just going to say it that I"m not too savvy with Bikes...:ummm: all I know is how to ride them fast. and oil change....beyond that nothing.. however I'd like to change that with this bike...I want to start doing thigns start off, how hard is it to install the UFO link? Has...
  6. SpecOps13

    The V-max fuel reserve (guage) explained. Link ...

    Thanx PATMAX for finding this.... This link may help anyone troubleshooting Reserve / Fuel light problems:
  7. K

    Center Stand Link Attaches To....

    ...what? I know one end attaches to the spring, but where's the other end go?
  8. one2dmax

    Engine Assy Link - Crank Alignment

    This was recently brought up so I thought it would be good to post and maybe even make a sticky. Thanks to Thomas Powell for making this available years ago: Note that folder number 4 has the crank alignment info. Sean
  9. Jayhawk

    Don't click on this link

    For all that is holy, I'm warning you, do NOT click on the link below. Fair warning served. Don't do it. DON'T CLICK HERE Now, we'll see how many of you can actually heed the warning. Have a nice day. :biglaugh:
  10. Shuriken

    Has anyone posted a link to this bad boy yet?

    Ebay: 140297967551
  11. max_caper

    Vmax Motor Accesories Link

    Sean, you may have heard this already but there's a dead link on your site where you click on the picture of the VMax engine. The other links on the picture are working. Blaine Williams
  12. K

    WANTED - Kerker Dual Slip-On Exhaust System Link Pipes

    I am looking for anyone who might have the Kerker dual slip-on system that is willing to sell it, or parts of it. I am only interested in the link pipes, so the condition of the canisters does not matter.
  13. U

    Interesting Exhaust Science Link

    While Googling for Exhuast Scavenging (cause I'm a noob) I came across this article. I realize it is based on a V8 race engine, but I wondered how much would apply to the Max? Would love the hear what...
  14. Cameron

    My first post with a good link!

    Hi, I'm Cam from the UK. Paid my deposit and looking forward to Jan 2009! Found this link with some interesting info about the new beast (like why no USD frontend etc) plus some great pictures in the gallery that I have not seen anywhere else online...
  15. davidon

    Link to Seans new vendor?

    Is this in the VMF links or parts vendor section? Can't easily find it
  16. jimvette999

    NWS link to pretty decent site

    Hope ya like it :cheers:
  17. L

    Bad Water pump seeal and other prob. VIDEO link A quick video describing my water pump problems. I hate typing and a video shows the problem with less confusion. LMK what you think. I think its prob just the bad mech seal...
  18. V

    Please link to this site so Google will oick it up

    If you have a website then please link this forum to it. I think the group is taking off, but i did a Google search and couldn't find us, and as far as I know Google works off of link volume.