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  1. VmaxVboost

    Parting out a 2000 Gen 1 Max

    I created a web site to manage this part out. The web address is If I do not get right back to you, I plan on checking this once per day. My email is [email protected] Please reply with item number and price from the web page. Many thanks to Sean...
  2. P

    Willie & Max fork bag.

    Good condition, off my 05 with 4K miles. $25 shipped to cont us.
  3. M

    max running problems

    Long time story here. I bought max from guy who was trying to repair it and have had enought :ummm:. Problem was that max won't run correctly. It did not rev as it should and backfired. Making things not easy, sometimes it did run quite good. First I tried to use shotgun method to clean carbs...
  4. ouchez

    Last year for MAX 2018?

    I have read that due to Euro environmental rules and slow sales Yama will end the MAX in 2018, true????:ummm: Ouchez
  5. vmax1998

    Star rider performance aka max flow exhaust?

    Hi I’m just reading up on a ton of exhaust systems dreaming of a full system someday. I’ve posted before about exhausts but now I’m wondering about the max flow systems. The street system mostly. 4 into 2. I’ve heard they are basically a ufo exhaust. I’m trying to get as much power out of a full...
  6. P

    Needing 86 Max Windscreen/Windshield

    Hi all, interested to see if anyone is looking to get rid of their oem style windscreen? Open to different styles if you have a pic of it on the bike. Thank!
  7. CaptainKyle

    1990 Max

    90 vmax 17,500 original miles speedometer shows 16,500 as it had to be replaced. New battery,carbs just synched, fresh oil change,new front brakes ,front tire new back one 60 % runs and rides great. The exhaust is scraped on both sides other than that it is a pretty clean and low mile bike for...
  8. CaptainKyle

    max daddy rear wheel -SOLD-

    Max daddy 18 inch wheel and rotor tire is junk and will be removed so no tire. It is in super nice shape ! It is not mine it belongs to a friend who does not use fb or the forums. $ 700 plus shipping. If you are serious you can contact him by email. [email protected]
  9. N

    So, the Max got a stablemate on Saturday

    I'm not sure if you'd call it a little brother or a big brother, but their intended design is very much the same. I haven't had much of a chance to ride it anywhere but my storage facility parking lot, but this thing is STUPID. A quarter throttle at 3k rpm in the first 3 gears sets...
  10. R

    Yanaha FJR 1300 wheel in V Max 1200.

    I'm looking for information about mod like this. Were anybody put FJR wheel into V Max?
  11. R

    Long, sad story about my V Max

    In july of 2016 i bought my V Max from 1997, full power version (not that obvious in Europe). In first two weeks I've made: - changed front tire - regeneration of front fork - changed front brake hoses - changed rear brake disk and brake pads - changed rusted bolts - throttle lines - made a lot...
  12. derwood

    2009 v max for sale

    Ok here ya go all, I don’t really want to sell the max but I need too, I bought it and thought my wife and I would ride a lot but she has back issues that keep her from riding, so I’m asking 9700.00. Please no low ball offers, like I said I need to sell it, and want to sell it to someone who...
  13. frank5079

    Check out this guy racing a 2nd gen Max...
  14. H

    v max running good

    at last ive sorted the running rich issues ive had the carbs apart 4 times but even when cleaning them and being careful putting them back togeather it still ran rich i kept cleaning blowing with air measuring float heights and till finally got there i know its a pain to keep pulling them apart...
  15. H

    V max running rich

    My 1985 v max is run nine rich on all 4 checked float heightz all are OK new main jets cleaned all other jets and carbs air filter is clean balanced carbs set air mixture screws 2and a half for from the and rear bike idles OK but just smells rich all plugs are sooty not sure where to look now...
  16. RaWarrior

    Any Max guys own a Rocket3

    So it's been probably 5-6 years now since I owned my Max, since then I've been on a 03 Z1000, then a 15 Z1000, and now a Scout. The Z's were a lot of fun, but I was just out of control on them. Too fast, too tempting. Put myself back on a sporty-ish cruiser to try and slow down, and my focus...
  17. G

    Half a Max?

    First time owner 89 70k very nice condition. That being said here's the discovery at idle he's only firing on the left side, confirmed that right plugs are sparking. When riding he is fine and vboost is working, OH MY GOSH! So planning on shotgunning the right carbs, sound like a plan? Just...
  18. J

    Low mileage 2007 v max

    2007 vmax with 14xx miles. Gonna need the carbs done. Hasn't been risen in a while. Nice clean low mileage bike that deserves to be rode. Looking for a fair offer for a low mileage bike. Thanks Jay
  19. Bill Seward

    Not Max parts, but maybe someone needs them?

    I've got a set of stock Yamaha side plates to mount a backrest on a 2002 Roadstar. No backrest, just the side plates. The chrome is 99.9 perfect. No scratches or other defects. They sell new for $200.00... eBay has them for around $100.00. $70.00, I'll pay shipping.
  20. 93max

    Plugs from my 93 Max

    Well I had some time today after a lil ride :biglaugh: to see what the plugs looked like from the previous owner. Here they are. I know this isn't a throttle chop...but it looks a lil lean to me. As far as I know, it's completely stock. Exhaust everything. Thoughts?