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  1. cwkerr007

    fuel mix screw alternative

    i have a stuck fuel screw and before i go to digging it out with a pic and a magnifying glass "been here done this my quickest time so far 10 hours"I was hoping someone might know of a screw with a head that would extend out with a knob or one like the old 80's honda's had if anyone has a site...
  2. K

    Air/fuel mix settings

    I have 'full power' Vmax, The brass plugs that covered the air/fuel mix screws have been removed and they have been replaced with rubber plugs (to keep out the dirt and water). The bike has an aftermarket exhaust also, so some alterations to the carbs settings has obviously been done in the...
  3. B

    A/F mix screw stuck. Will a 1300 Venture carb fit?

    I've been reading and trying to get the A/F mixture screw out of the right rear carb. Can't get it out. My question is this: can I buy a 34mm carb from a 1300 Venture, dusassemble both carbs, swap the jets and replace just one carb?
  4. P

    What happens if i don't have fork oil and is it ok to mix fork oils?

    Hi, I'm in the of the process of installing progressive springs, lowering kit and ricor intiminators on my -00 max. I'm filling it up and realise that the bottle i bought won't be enough for two forks. Now the problem is that I'm from Sweden and I only bought 32 ounces AmSoil 5wt oil with my...
  5. SlowBox

    Stripped one of my idle mix screws

    I have a pretty significant off idle stumble and tried to fix it today but got hung up. All 4 of my mixture screws are pretty corroded in their respective carb bodies, but one in particular was a bitch and I ended up rolling the slot out of the screw head trying to seat it and get a baseline...
  6. Sonoran6

    Stuck Idle mix screw

    How difficult is it to fix this if the screw head has been damaged? I was having some issues with my carbs popping and a real slight idle backfire. Went to do a peashooter and screwed up the mix screws on the right 2 carbs when going to back them out 2 turns. I stopped jacking with the screws...
  7. NHVmaxpower

    Broken A/F mix screw

    Well all summer I dreaded taking care of this right side a/f mix screw because of all the horror stories ive heard about getting them out so what better time to deal w/ it ? winter time . I removed the rack of carbs & secured them to my bench I took a 1/4" drill bit & drilled a pilot hole in the...
  8. Jayhawk

    Alcohol, VMax and rubber mix...

    Anyone here want to own up? :biglaugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEs5e-iqXfU Always sort of wondered what a VMax at 11k RPM sounded like...:rofl_200:
  9. jacoviii

    mix screw striped

    mix jet head striped out on me now what ? ez out
  10. joelyons50023

    supertrapp kerker mix

    has anyone put a super trapp can on a kerker 4-1 head pipe if so what were the results
  11. Shuriken

    Idle mix screw o-rings and washers?

    My idle mix screws and springs are in good shape. Anyone found a place to get the washer and o-ring separately?
  12. firefly

    is there an easy way to remove A/F mix screws?

    I want to inspect the pilot screws (A/F mixture screws) , How do I get them out? I thought of using a vacuum cleaner with a very small tip. what do you guys use to get them out for inspection? Thanks ________ BMW Z9